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SECUREX - how does south Africa international prevent exhibition

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Extend meeting time: 21-23 day exhibited meeting site in June 2007: Sangduhui discusses south Africa center
Limits of item on display
Can inspect to telling, TV monitoring, guard against theft calls the police, system of identity identifying, attestation, financial system security personnel is on guard instrument of product, test, building prevents thunder, shoe of helmet, labor insurance, special type defends the garment, build system of early-warning of equipment of fire prevention system, fire and fire control monitoring, communication, equipment of fire control lighting, automatic sprinkler system, ambulance, respirator, urgent early-warning, flee for one's life mark, warning decice, ventilated equipment, alarm with direct, ballproof garment, alarm with the car, alarm with patrol rescue a light boat, alarm with equipment of wired, wireless communication, alarm protect with close emergency treatment / rush to deal with an emergency / life sensor, explosion proof product, floor space intelligence, building edifice runs automation system
On period review
The Securex 2006, in June 21-23 date discusses a center to be held as scheduled in Sangduhui, end satisfactorily. Sponsor just think this period exhibiting can be up to now a the most successful, in the person look around inside 3 days, having 47% shop presumably, 44% it is to want to look for a few new products. Exhibit organizer Mr Aldean of the meeting to say: "New brand, the product is concentrative, innovation product, the element such as new sponsor facilitated to exhibit the huge success of the meeting this, it is better that we have what confidence can make the coming year does. "
Exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit business and the arrangement that enter the person that exhibit to also rise somewhat this year, the person that look around for the most part is manager level figure, it is to find better product, better for the prospective choice of the company way and will to this exhibit meeting. And when should exhibiting meeting end, the basic report of the person that attend the meeting is exhibited namely what can do is very good, very perfect, very actual, have the feeling of a kind of come back with fruitful results, and this kind of feeling also sponsors place of can square unremitting to go after just about.
After exhibiting meeting end this year, sponsor just received much your person to be booked fably exhibited 2006 request and inquiry, it is to come from more very among them just had attended to be exhibited this year of the meeting. Securex assembly room will expand 2007 one times, apparent, the Securex 2007 will receive new next climax with richer appearance.

Setting introduces
Begin from 1994, securex has become south Africa the most important how to prevent exhibit. Because postpone meeting put forth effort at safety, protect those who wait for a product to reveal, attracted numerous come from abroad ginseng to exhibit business and the person that look around, becoming south Africa also is the most comprehensive greatly most how to prevent exhibit.
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