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Fire control is exhibited meeting - product of Hunan fire control reached techni

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Exhibit meeting name: Product of Hunan fire control reached technical exhibition 2007
Extend meeting time: On April 27, 2007, 29 days
Exhibit meeting site: International exhibition center of red star of Chinese • Changsha
Approve an unit:
Hunan Province Public Security Department
Sponsor an unit
Total fleet of fire control of Hunan Province public security
Assist run an unit
Equipment of total fleet logistics department is in
Division of science and technology of ministry of total fleet fire prevention
Undertake unit
Hunan Province Fire Protection Association
Hunan Changsha Lan Dezhan sees limited company
Appoint media: (The rank is not divided early or late)
" net of Hunan fire control "


To serve better at fire control career, the promotion that strengthens fire control product and use, improve the quality of fire control safety of the whole people, inside stimulative industry new product, the communication of new technology and collaboration, by approval of Hunan Province Public Security Department, total fleet of fire control of Hunan Province public security is sponsorred, place of equipment of total fleet logistics department and division of science and technology of ministry of army fire prevention assist do, hunan Province Fire Protection Association and Hunan Changsha Lan Dezhan see limited company undertake " product of Hunan fire control reached technical exhibition 2007 " will at of 2007 on April 27 - 29 days are in China international exhibition center of • Changsha red star is held ceremoniously. Current the function action that postpones can sufficient play to be in charge of an unit each. Depend on distinct advantage and excellent service, scientific and comprehensive conformity spreads a way, for the communication of domestic and international fire control product, technology collaboration offers chance, strive this second exhibit can turn the industry that has dimensions extremely into grand meeting, promote the rapid development of fire control industry.
This exhibiting meeting with " professional and dedicated, market action, the brand is carried out " for the tenet, the organizing committee will be increased through all sorts of media exhibit the propagandist strength of the meeting, city of constituent periphery province and provincial and numerous person of the same trade reach broad user, industry wife person arrive at look around. Conference period still negotiates constituent commerce, technical communication, view and emulate, practice, performance, autograph is made an appointment with etc, make broad visiting masses sufficient understand the precaution of fire initial stage and control, the accurate method that masters fire alarm to deal with and science save oneself the skill that flee for one's life, service at the society. Let exhibit can become fire control industry to publicize from already, the effective platform that strengthens collaboration, development market.
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