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How does international of the 8th Arabia prevent ASTEX- , fire control and indus

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Extend meeting time:   exhibited meeting site in Feburary 2007: Saudi Arabia Liyade
Reviewing of previous term or session:
2006 exhibit meeting by ministry of Saudi Arabia internal affairs, the department of defense reachs assistance of sand spy chamber of commerce to hold, basically involved 72 trades, the 5 person that those who come from 17 countries is attract to look around in the day, be like: Austria, canada, finnish, france, germany, italy, japan, spain, sweden, the United States, the country such as A couplet chief of a tribe.
Exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit business and the arrangement that enter the person that exhibit to will rise somewhat more this year, the person that look around for the most part is manager level figure, it is to find better product, better for the prospective choice of the company way and will to this exhibit meeting. And when should exhibiting meeting end, the basic report of the person that attend the meeting exhibits what can do namely very very professional, perfect, be exhibit satisfactorily meeting, have the feeling of a kind of come back with fruitful results, and this kind of feeling also sponsors place of can square unremitting to go after just about.
Exhibit meeting setting:
The Saudi Arabia is how are equipment and technology prevented to develop the sharpest independent market on the world, going out is the biggest terminal market, go up with the world the most advanced how to prevent the union with close together technology to be together. ASTEX was introduced especially for sand a series of comprehensive how to defend equipment and technology, the business stability that is the life safety that defends whole country people and enterprise had major effect.
In 20 years of in the past, middle east country is cost 2, 0 right-and-left U.S. dollor is purchased how to prevent facility, because this makes this kind of product on the world,buy the area with top rate. 37% what because middle east occupies the world how to prevent facility,export gross, 12% what the Saudi Arabia occupies the whole world how to defend things amount, depend on its year of expenditure of 60 billion, middle east of course becomes the world how to defend articles for use the biggest buy the home. ASTEX aims to be safeguard a Saudi Arabia of each respect safety communal reach private orgnaization to offer how to prevent facility, be like: Company safe system, product of citizen defend oneself, border security system, lash-up equipment, VIP defends a system, convict investigates an orgnaization, system of public construction security, fire prevention equipment reachs public safety.
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