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Eleventh exposition of China International hardware

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Time: On March 10, 2007, 12 days

Place: Shanghai new international reads extensively center

Approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China

Sponsor an unit: Chinese hardware hands in Trade Association of electric chemical industry
Chamber of commerce of 5 imports and exports of mine chemical industry
Association of industry of Chinese electric equipment is dynamoelectric tool branch
Chinese building decorates association hardware committee

Special support:   of   of   of master net   (Http://
Chinese Electromechanical intranet (Http://
Chinese Electromechanical shows a network (Http://
China Electromechanical net (Http://
Sell mechanically-laid web (Http://
MM " sell machine " magazine

Congress conduct propaganda reachs a service:
1, release message and advertisement conduct propaganda to exhibit meeting information at media of much home news;
2, with many professional media collaboration is rolled out exhibit data of meeting conduct propaganda;
3, print audience invitation letter, exhibit can meet the newspaper send agency and user;
4, print Chinese and English proceedings of a conferences, exhibit business to publish directory and company brief introduction freely to join;
5, invite orgnaization of intellectual property authority to be stationed in meeting, seek advice from a service freely to exhibit business to offer;
6, exhibit business to offer working lunch freely to join, every standard is exhibited two;
7, exhibit business to offer free item on display to receive carry, generation to join store service (specific measure detailed sees join the manual that postpone business) ;
8, can serve to join meeting personnel to be offerred (specific measure detailed sees meeting registration form) ;
9, offer free sessional traffic car to serve for congress;
10, congress accepts each advertisement business, detailed sees advertisement quote list.

Ginseng extend range:
1. Tool hardware kind: The hand moves tool, combination tool, steam to protect tool, artisan to make tool, kit bag, measuring tool,
Dynamoelectric tool, pneumatic tool, pneumatic tool, have heavy tool;
2. Mechanical equipment kind: Treatment of equipment of machinery of construction of small-sized machinery, woodworker, gardening equipment, cleaning machine instrument, package machine, building, spray, metal is mechanical, assemble machine;
3. Solder equipment: Equipment of electric welding equipment and equipment, gas welding, gas cutting, solder subsidiary engine appliance, solder material, fittings;
4. Hardware makes category: Cast of building hardware, adornment hardware, water warm hardware, door window hardware, Weiyu hardware, hardware, tableware, kitchen is provided, fastener of goods of lock, mould, Tie Yi, standard;
5. Mechanical and electrical products kind: Machine of water pump, pneumatics, electromotor, dynamo, give sewerage, bearing;
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