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Russia hardware tool is exhibited in October 30 - in November 2

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Tool of Russia international hardware exhibited 2007 (Intertool) [extend meeting time] on October 30, 2007, on November 2 [exhibit meeting site] Muscovite Krasnaya Presnya exhibits a center [media support] [sponsor an unit] MSI Fairs And Exhibitions [China assist do / undertake unit] Xiamen: Tool of Russia international hardware is exhibited is international the series hardware that MSI of famous exhibition company holds is exhibited one of meetings, INTERTOOL is in every year Muscovite, sanket, wu Kelan, austria is held, it is the exposition with hardware essential industry. Should exhibit can land Russia 1998, had held 9 continuously, it is the important channel that hardware industry enters market of Russia building materials. This exhibition the corresponding period holds international to solder the technology is exhibited and industrial automation is exhibited. Russia has 170 million population, it is the country with hamster the biggest area. In recent years, russia economy grows steadily, the foundation builds investment to increase, russia builds the market to had made the main building market that the whole world fixes eyes upon. Moscow is building Europe's highest office building, it is a mark with exuberant demand of building materials market. In last few years, develop steadily as what Russia builds the market, the demand of hardware tool increases every year with the average rate of 10% . Car of machine tool of heavy pressure machinery, heavy-duty numerical control, lorry, plane reachs Russia the heavy industry such as national defence war industry and energy industry base are solid, and hardware tool technology is fragile, rely on an entrance badly. Russia whole nation has 120 right-and-left hardware to produce a business only, great majority is medium and small businesses, the market of its home relies on Germany, china and beautiful home made product will satisfy, our country product has clear advantage as a result of the price, the technology is excellent, will gain larger and larger market share. Tool of Russia international hardware was exhibited 2007 will continue to exhibit a center be held ceremoniously in Muscovite Krasnaya Presnya, exhibit an area to will exceed 15, 000 square metre. Can review: 290 ginseng that waited for 17 countries from Germany, Italy 2005 exhibited business to attend Muscovite international hardware to exhibit, total ginseng exhibits company number to achieve 468, attracted an audience to amount to 14, 428. It is better to be based on showpiece the effect, 533 when shared 19 countries 2006 exhibit business to attend this meeting, abroad exhibits business to be 329, occupy about 62% what postpone business entirely, professional audience amounts to 15120 people. Relatively photograph of previous term or session is compared, no matter from postpone business business place is exhibited to occupy scale and audience amount to go up outside total amount and condition for, have relatively promote substantially. Limits of item on display: L builds hardware kind: Window of door of hardware of building metals packaging and fastener of fittings lock standard are webby kind of L tool kind: The hand moves tool report to move steam of tool of gardens of tool of pneumatic of tool pneumatic tool to protect char of cement of tool diamond tool the tool holds dynamoelectric: Solder solder cuts equipment electric welder solder material L mechanical equipment kind: Forestry equipment is small-sized mechanical and electrical products of dynamo of machine of pneumatics of mechanical woodworker gardening equipment electroanalysises technology and equipment maintain station equipment automatically to blow up how does municipal construction equipment prevent facility equipment is hydraulic equipment of tool of pneumatic of equipment of tool of gardens of equipment of tool of pneumatic of special tool equipment reachs device: Equipment of fire control of water pump of spare parts of tubing of fittings of sanitation of valve water mouth is other: Civil hardware grinds an abrasive electrician technology of heavy tool surface measures nicety of cut of instrument mould laser since appearance of instrument of source of lighting of electric materials and appliances ceramics of glass of conduit of cable of instrument metal wire is plastic wait for exercise to use a tool.
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