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Product of fire control of 07 China International and flame retardant material e

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Begin time: 2007-9-27
End time: 2007-9-29
Hold a place: Chongqing exhibits a center (division garden 4 269)
Contact: Be like brightness king Nan
Connect a telephone call: 023-86830167/86830169
Sponsor an unit: Quality of material of fire prevention of total fleet of fire control of Chongqing public security bureau, country is supervised examine association of security personnel of center, China, China is flame retardant total fleet of public security of public security bureau of Fire Protection Association of society, Chongqing, Chongqing, Sichuan saves Fire Protection Association, Beijing 4 stars exhibition serves limited company
Undertake unit: Exhibition of Chongqing Beijing admire serves limited company

Exhibit meeting general situation:

Fire control is on guard the systematic project that the job is a socialization, it involves all trades and professions and innumberable families. Develop quickly in economy and society today, show its significant position and effect increasingly, those who get leaders of all levels is advanced take the attention with social all circles seriously. For better the more full-scale development that serves cause of fire control of Yu Shan city, raise people offset to prevent the quality awareness of the product further, quicken a society construction of communal and safe foundation. Make greater effort to found harmonious Chongqing. By city of total fleet of fire control of Chongqing city public security, Chongqing admire of Beijing of total fleet of public security of public security bureau of city of Fire Protection Association, Chongqing, Chongqing exhibits service limited company, Beijing 4 stars exhibition serves limited company to be held jointly " 2007 China (Chongqing) product of international fire control and flame retardant material exhibition " . Will on September 27, 2007---29 days exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously in Chongqing. Current organizing committee will make joint-stock source scientificly in the round, more high grade service concept, offer an information to transmit what technical communication and classics trade negotiate to trade for both sides of supply and demand of product of domestic and international fire control platform, let my doorknob grasp good opportunity, enter in all hand in hand, this second postpone the trade grand meeting that can do to implement scale extremely, promote the rapid development of career of our country fire control with this.

Extend meeting program

Report for duty cloth exhibits: Came on September 25, 2007 26 day

Opening time: On September 27, 2007 morning 9: 00 when

Show time: Came on September 27, 2007 29 day

Remove extend time: On September 29, 2007 afternoon 16: 00 when

Exhibit meeting site: Chongqing exhibition center (division garden 4 269)
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