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2/3 of breach of station of Guangzhou fire control, authoritative fire control i

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-- 2007 the 3rd China austral border fire fighting postpones action business fervent in undertaking A few days ago, the report points out a basis fire control program, guangzhou wants 79 to build fire control to stand to 2010, have 28 only at present, breach is as high as 2/3. What fire control stands is insufficient, cause extremely easily " a slow remedy cannot meet an emergency " serious consequence. This year Guangzhou during two meetings, delegate of city National People's Congress put forward " the proposal that constructs about accelerating Guangzhou city fire control to stand " , already regarded standing committee of National People's Congress of 2007 year city as 6 keys supervise and direct one of. Be aimed at at present the current situation of infrastructure of Guangdong fire control, guangdong saved bureau of fire control of Public Security Department to adopt multinomial act to accelerate the construction of infrastructure of Guangdong fire control. Be united in wedlock in recent years the focal point that I save fire control to work, to consolidate the market better, standard management, stimulative fire control produces the superior bad discard of the enterprise, make more China and foreign countries advanced, high grade fire control product and facility enter Guangdong market smoothly, total fleet of Guangdong province fire control combines tripartite of bureau of fire control of place of Hong Kong fire control, Macao to sponsor the 3rd jointly hereby China product of austral border fire fighting and technical equipment exhibition (2007. Guangzhou) , exhibit meeting on this year 15-17 day was in China in November Fair of import and export merchandise sheds beautiful road to exhibit a house to be held ceremoniously. Introduce according to organizing committee controller, the 3rd China austral border fire fighting exhibits the height that got total line to take seriously reach support energetically, current, exhibit conference action business to work to be in fervent undertake, industry response is enthusiastic, enterprise ginseng is exhibited quite eagerly, luxembourg inferior, company limited Sen Tian, TYCO, United States installs glass of element, UL, restful fire control, Sheng Jie fire control, Aoruina, King Kong, Song Jiang fire control, day builds fire control, extensive Hai Sanjiang, Xin Huajiang, , already the business that ginseng signing up postpones expresses: As a successful company, always must pay close attention to the newest trends of the industry, in recent years market of Guangdong fire control is very active, the government purchases an item more, demand breach jumps over pairs of big enterprises and character means business chance more, exhibit of the meeting hold the timely propagandist platform that provided a front, authoritative, major for them, conduce to them popularizing product and development market. Current exhibit can set international house, special outfit brand house and zone of 6 old products (door of building materials of equipment of product of fire alarm product, put out a fire, fire control and equipment zone, fire prevention and coating, fire prevention, roll shade and other product) , and outdoors more set large equipment to exhibit area and practice special administrative area, the program has internationalization relatively, can guide an audience effectively. In addition, organizing committee controller expresses: The conference activity that exhibits meeting the corresponding period to still will hold high quality scales this year " first 2007 China forum of austral border fire fighting " , the theme is " the application of modern science and technology in fire control domain and development " , mix unit of official of assemble industry authority, government, scientific research at the appointed time the personage such as manufacturing company, the research and development of technology of the development trend with respect to industry of world fire control, newest trends, forward position and equipment of new technology new clothes undertakes discussion, communication, and the paper of one numerous expert still becomes collection paper part, undertake a large number of extending to the stress unit inside course of study, enlarge an influence. The 3rd China austral border fire fighting is exhibited prepare from last year up to now, propagandist strength is being increased ceaselessly all the time, audience organization job is synchronous also start, professional media became the main force that exhibits a group of people of same interest of meeting conduct propaganda, media of nearly 30 China and foreign countries hits out with all one's strength, all-around propagandist channel exhibits ginseng of utmost ground implementation with look around double win. Exhibit meeting connection to seek advice: Guangzhou combines contact of of the limited company that extend trade: Phone of Miss Li Yan, Mr Fang Jun: 8620-83355868 83355898 fax: 8620-83352413 83358432 email: <>Network address: address: Edifice of An Ren of Guangzhou city Anren district 26 buildings (510030)
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