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The 3rd China exhibition of product of austral border fire fighting and technica

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-- theme: Science and technology ensures safety, compose builds harmonious society time: November 2007 15, 17 days of places: China exports trade fair · to shed beautiful road to exhibit a house to sponsor an unit: Bureau of bureau of fire control of Guangdong province Public Security Department, fire control of place of Hong Kong fire control, Macao supports an unit: Fire control engineer learns (Hong Kong branch) , of American Fire Protection Association undertakes unit: Guangdong saves Fire Protection Association, combination to extend trade limited company -- exhibit meeting detail lands please --The market is forecasted "Demand breach " the ascendant phase that China of potential and infinite business chance is in economy to develop, the dangerous sex that causes fire increases increasingly, and go up objectively infrastructure of town fire prevention is opposite lag, the potential of demand of fire control market of our country is tremendous, amid of Hua Na market holds significant position. In last few years Guangdong is 1 billion yuan about in investment of fire control equipment, entrance forehead amounts to 200 million yuan about, capital is devoted with annual the rate of 20% rises prep above. 2006, guangdong throws fire department of each district of 300 million yuan of equipment in all. And be in 2003 to 2005, guangzhou municipal government is devoted already 100 million multivariate buy tall gush fire engine, lift tall car, shift to aerate the car; 2006, more dial below 75 million yuan of special fund to be used at buying equipment of large fire control. Guangdong more the province that establishs the whole nation to have an authorized strength the first times belongs to guard against enemy agents of public security disappear diligent group, establish this to raise charge of equipment of special type unit to be 130 million multivariate, and the standard that according to international top-ranking, home precedes provides equipment. Current, city of level of 21 ground of Guangdong completed fire control program entirely, the prefectural town of 80% above and partial center guard also completed fire control program. In future inside 3 years, guangdong will implement science and technology in the round strong alarm the strategy, build perfect command system of communication of complete province fire control, strengthen put out a fire to come to help, fire control is supervised and the science and technology of fire control equipment changes content, informatization content. "The city is built " the Guangzhou that creation development good luck regards Hua Na as hinterland, border HongKong and Macow, economic advantage is advantaged, mix as CEPA " economy of extensive bead triangle is encircled " thorough development, the battalion business environment of area of this economy collaboration is more mature, classics trade cooperates more hasten diversity, internationalization, attracting global broad businessman and investor, more powerful to the economic radiant emitance of southeast Asia, Europe and middle east area. -- Guangzhou is applied successfully 2010 Asia Game, guangzhou municipal government plans to always invest one billion one hundred and seventy-two million seven hundred thousand dollar, what basically be used at building place and existing place is newer transform, and " Ya Yun Cun " the construction that waits for establishment of other form a complete set. In future 5 years, have configuration of establishment of advanced fire control " Ya Yun Cun " and 10 brand-new stadium house throws comprehensive completion use. -- at present, guangzhou subway shares 7 circuitry to undertaking large-scale construction, in Guangzhou " south actor of develop, north, east into, on the west couplet " there is main effect in urban space overall planning. Arrive when 2010, the total investment that Guangzhou builds to orbit traffic will achieve 100 billion yuan. -- investment of Guangdong fixed assets was 695.7 billion yuan 2005, the estate that is Guangdong future 3 years developed investment to lay better foundation. Bead trigonometry and second line city are rising at the investment of estate period, estate market development is swift and violent, also expand increasingly to the demand of fire control product.
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