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Technology of equipment of China International fire control communicated exhibit

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Time: On March 13, 2008 - 15 days
Place: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing · whole nation (new house)
Support / sponsor: Management board of public security of the Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China
Capital security of society administers council office integratedly
Chinese fire control learns
Beijing public security bureau
Capital security of society administers seminar integratedly
Society of Beijing public security bureau is communal and safe product management committee
Beijing safety is on guard guild
Undertake unit: 4 stars of Beijing show service limited company

For better service at fire control career, the promotion that strengthens fire control product and use, improve the quality of fire control safety of the whole people, hurried has the communication of new product, new technology inside course of study and collaboration, by Chinese fire control the society is supported energetically, 4 stars of Beijing exhibit limited company to sponsor " technology of equipment of China International fire control communicated exhibition 2008 " in March 2008 13, 15 days are held ceremoniously in Beijing. Current the function action that postpones can sufficient play to be in charge of an unit each, by the originality with picturesque home town, excellent service, scientific and comprehensive conformity spreads a way, the communication that is product of domestic and international fire control, technology and collaboration offer good opportunity, strive this second exhibit can turn the industry that has dimensions extremely into grand meeting, promote the rapid development of fire control career with this. "Specialization, internationalization, brand is changed " it is current exhibit the tenet of the meeting, meeting Wu group will be increased through all sorts of media exhibit the propagandist strength of the meeting, organize the presence such as the personage inside global numerous person of the same trade and broad user, course of study to look around. Exhibit still negotiate constituent commerce during the meeting, technical communication, technical collaboration, system demonstrates to wait for an activity, reveal fire control domain adequately to provide representative new product, new technology quite. Carry exhibition, view and emulate, practice, show at the same time, let broad visiting masses understand the precaution of fire initial stage and control, the accurate method that masters fire alarm to deal with and science save oneself the skill that flee for one's life, service at the society. Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation < < new house > > will become firm of fire control industry to publicize his, strengthen cooperation, of development market win arena more.

Mobile schedule
Report for duty cloth exhibits: Came 12 days on March 11, 2008
Opening time: On March 13, 2008 morning 9:30
Show time: Came 15 days on March 13, 2008
Remove extend time: On March 15, 2008 afternoon 4:30
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