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2007 China (power sea) fire control and how to prevent a product to exhibit

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For better service at fire control career, the promotion that strengthens fire control product and use, improve the quality of fire control safety of the whole people, hurried has the communication of new product, new technology inside course of study and collaboration, shandong saves Fire Protection Association and government of people of power sea city to sponsor this second fire control to exhibit jointly, the hope is passed current exhibit meeting, rise to prop up industry, arouse the action of the market. Sponsor at the appointed time just will invite department of branch of fire control of countrywide each district, Fire Protection Association and company of each house property, engineering company, designing institute, industrial and commercial company to form a delegation current exhibit can look around, the type selecting in having market, purchase. We believe, pass each square joint efforts, current exhibit meeting general to bring new business chance for the enterprise, become understand one another of both sides of supply and demand and communication grand meeting. Extend meeting theme: Harmonious China is restful power sea sponsors an unit: Shandong saves Fire Protection Association government of people of power sea city undertakes unit: Substation of fire control of public security of power sea city 10 thousand dragon can extend power of great capacity of of Fire Protection Association foreign international of name of limited company can exhibit (Beijing) limited company extends meeting time: 9-11 day exhibited meeting site in November 2007: Power sea international exhibits a center to show an area: 12000 square metre show range: 1, fire control kind robot of product ★ of all kinds fire engine and fireboat, fire pump, put out a fire, fire is explored automatically call the police equipment, burn gas / acousto-optic electrician of fire prevention of equipment of warning apparatus, put out a fire, explosion proof is safe safety of material of glow of equipment of lash-up of equipment, fire control, harbour, fire control indicates; Fire control is automatic equipment of equipment of interface of water supply equipment and equipment of baric water supply, fire control, fire hose, take precautions against natural calamities providing disaster relief, defend smoke evacuation system; Box of device of calamity of equipment of fire control linkage, fire prevention, fire control, fireplug; Equipment of ★ rescuing equipment, of all kinds rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief, broken dismantle equipment, of all kinds fire control urgent and scattered, rescue, come to help, lifesaving tool and equipment, take refugee flee for one's life equipment; Respirator, delay falls implement, defend face guard mask, 110 call the police system, 119 call the police system, computer calls the police system of security personnel of fire control of system of center, public broadcasting, urgent relieve a sick or injured person and product of equipment of rush to deal with an emergency, building; ★ is of all kinds avoid Lei Fang is thunder equipment, antistatic product, defend it is system, dangerous to diagnose take precautions against natural calamities of electric equipment of system of instrument equipment, critical news report, intelligence taste the carry that pack to be defeated; Window of door of material of ★ fire prevention, fire prevention, fire prevention coils glass of shade, fire prevention, fire retardant coating and (fill) material of ram of fire of flame retardant and agent, fireproof material, block, fire retardant and flame retardant material, flame retardant heat-resisting electrical wiring / cable, fire prevention builds adornment; 2, security produces class: System of inspection of closed-circuit television supervisory system, security, can inspect reach to telling system, passageway to control paper money of system, carry alarm with system of location of car, car: Security personnel dress reachs equipment, guard against theft calls the police of system of appraisal of product, quality goods identifying and equipment etc. Media support:" China is communal and safe " , " Asian fire control " , " gumshoe and science and technology " , " Chinese intelligence traffic " , " aviation ensures public security " , " international prevents bogus " , " Chinese police training " , " directory of business of industry of Chinese fire control " , " Hui Cong fire control is purchased, how is China prevented exhibit meeting net, China net of net of net of resource of fire control of communal safety net, China, Chinese labor insurance, Hui Cong net, round-the-world fire control, approach the rate such as Chinese fire control:Mark booth: (3m × 3m) 9 ㎡ 4500 yuan / the standard exhibits a smooth ground: Hire since 36 ㎡ do not contain configuration 450 yuan / smooth rice ginseng is exhibited sign up reach payment:1, affirm attend current postpone the business of the meeting, fill appropriate seriously please " ginseng exhibit application receipt " , the fax comes congress organizing committee, notice date of expiration is on November 1, 2007, the organizing committee will pass a fax " ginseng exhibit confirmation " the ginseng that affirms you exhibits application. 2, exhibit in application while, will join please exhibit charge to be collected inside 3 days to sponsor an unit to assign account, otherwise former obligate is exhibited do not grant to continue to withhold. Ask additionally so that affirm, group payee faxes an organizing committee. 3, press " prepaid money, actor chooses " principle allocation is exhibited. To assure to exhibit the overall effect of the meeting and rationality, sponsor an unit to be able to be opposite exhibit undertake necessary adjustment. Organizing committee contact is in: Postcode: 264200 contacts: Song Yan red telephone: 0631-5306049 fax: 0631-5181809 email: address: 3 buildings ginseng exhibits house of A of center of exhibition of international of the road in seaside of power sea city my unit books application form exhibit as follows: Home exhibits an area: The standard is exhibited
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