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The experience when the construction that is engaged in equipment of square fire

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Square of times of advance river urban district drops when construction of one worker upstair the building dies.
Controlled at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter hears the news those who drive times square to a supermarket is inclined on, see a man is lying on the cement floor before first floor storefront only, building with straw mat above. This man is bare upper part of the body. Police is undertaking investigating to the accident, the security personnel of square is maintaining spot order.
The spot claims the man that is the dead's kin tells a reporter, the dead is fontal Hongkong's person, this year ability is 25 years old, the installation that is engaged in equipment of square fire control works. Before the accident, the dead the construction that upstair corridor undertakes fire control corridor. The staff member of square property says, they also do not know why the dead drops suddenly die, but express to be able to cooperate police and family member to had done relevant work. Current, the specific reason of the accident still is in investigation.