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2008 Frankfurt (middle east) how is commerce prevented reach exposition of fire

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[extend meeting time] January 2008 13-15 day
[exhibit meeting site] A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to international to exhibit a center (enlighten center of the trade that do obeisance to a world)
[group exhibit an orgnaization] German Frankfurt shows a company (Messe Frankfurt Middle East)
Safety defends kind: Entrance guard system, commerce and civil can inspect to telling / TV monitoring, guard against theft calls the police, identity identifying / attestation system, financial system security personnel is on guard the product checks an instrument, the building prevents thunder, helmet / labor insurance shoe / special type defends the garment
Fire control monitoring kind: Build facility of fire prevention system, fire control is in charge of early-warning of kind of valve, fire and fire control monitoring / communication system, equipment of fire control lighting, automatic sprinkler system, ambulance, respirator, urgent early-warning / flee for one's life mark, warning decice, ventilated equipment
Alarm with equipment kind: Alarm with direct / ballproof garment / alarm with the car / alarm with patrol rescue a light boat, alarm with wired / wireless communication equipment, alarm protect with close emergency treatment / rush to deal with an emergency / life sensor, explosion proof product, floor space intelligence: Building edifice manages automation system to wait
[postpone meeting introduction]
Security of trade of middle east international and exposition of fire control equipment (Intersec) it is dimensions of middle east area the biggest the most professional trade security and exposition of fire control equipment, also one of the most top-ranking exhibition on the world. Should exhibit can cover the product with all fire control and safe main field, by heart of famous exhibition tycoon national law orchid overcomes blessing (enlighten do obeisance to) exhibition company Epoc Messe Frankfurt is made and become. Frankfurt exhibition company publicizes strength and brand formidably by right of its famous degree make the optimal shortcut that Intersec becomes enterprise of safe fire control to enter middle east area. Sell business and shopkeeper to tell to the importer of middle east place and cent, should exhibit can offer the opportunity that they build business relation and long cooperation with the supplier. Annual the ginseng of 30 many countries exhibits security of trade of middle east international and assemble of exposition of fire control equipment the person that business and major look around, they come from Canada respectively, the United States, england, france, germany, italy, spain, china, australia, taiwan, iran, turkey. Notable is, commercial security and exposition of fire control equipment divided middle east to exhibit an area for course of study of 4 three-year institution of higher learning 2008: Commercial Security Middle East, police Middle East, fire Middle East and Safety&Health Middle East, make join exhibit business to be able to show a product conveniently, provide a service.
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