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Exhibition of product of equipment of technology of security of international of

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Exhibition of product of equipment of technology of security of international of 2008 China Heilongjiang

Invitation letter

Establishment of Heilongjiang international fire control reachs relevant product exhibition

Sponsor an unit: Heilongjiang saves safe production to supervise security of colliery of management board Heilongjiang censorial bureau Heilongjiang saves Heilongjiang of total fleet of public security fire control to save Heilongjiang of coal Board of Industrial Management to save support of media of coal industry association: Fire control of China of safety net of China of net of Chinese fire control is online net of Hui Cong fire control " China is communal and safe " how does China prevent a net to be filled with move international to consult person of net fire control " international intelligence builds " safety of China of net of safe industry of China of net of Chinese labor insurance is on guard industry net " fire control science and technology " in: Harbin fills state international to exhibit of trade limited company to welcome the rapid development that demit builds as economy, the city changes a course accelerate, public safety has made fire control the society is stable and auspicious assure basically with what advance steadily with the foundation. Fire control safety of the city and to breaking out lash-up incident deal with to get all the time the wide attention of social all circles. Compose establishs goal of harmonious society strategy carry out, mix to fire control product alarm take seriously with what equipment equips reach demand also increasingly heighten. Current, although the fire control of countrywide each province is communal and safe the situation is relatively stable, but the part still is existing technical level is updated slow, weak point common occurance, to this, heilongjiang saves total fleet of public security fire control to point out, orgnaization of various fire control should combine this locality actual, one by one searchs the major problem that causes accident of fire control safety possibly and weak point, fulfil in time solve measure, safeguard social harmony to stabilize with all one's strength. And the strength that whole Heilongjiang saves safe to fire control examination also year after year is increased, special punish acts to be being carried out stage by stage with each examination, also make the vigilance of communal to fire control safe accident raises people increasingly at the same time. In addition, heilongjiang province forest is resourceful capacious, also make the in be on guard to become Heilongjiang to save fire control to work with control ability training key to silvan fire insurance. Pay close attention to and take seriously of the country what the safe safeguard of silvan natural resources had caused Heilongjiang to save various government highly. When be based on above, heilongjiang saves safe production to supervise security of colliery of management board, Heilongjiang association of industry of coal of Board of Industrial Management of coal of total fleet of fire control of public security of censorial bureau, Heilongjiang province, Heilongjiang province, Heilongjiang decides to came 5 days to be in Harbin on June 3, 2008 combination of international exhibition center is held " safety of international of 2008 China Heilongjiang exposition of technical equipment product and Heilongjiang. Sponsor square will with " build harmonious Long Jiang, restful Harbin " for the tenet, promote fire control product actively to produce the communication communication between enterprise and professional user, show actual strength for global businessman, seek collaboration to provide a space, make both sides of supply and demand trade to what receive with all one's strength platform, make current the platform that extends collaboration of the bridge that can make both sides of supply and demand, technology communication and the window that show company image. Politics, business, look forward to is jointly together prompt Heilongjiang province and even countrywide fire protection the development of communal and safe facilities, produce intense echo inside course of study and try hard. We expect your affiliation, the restful development that allows us to be Long Jiang hand in hand 2008! [time place] time: Reported for duty to 2 days on June 1, 2008, cloth exhibits exhibited to 5 days on June 3, 2008, negotiate on June 5, 2008 13: 00 remove the feature that exhibit the ground: Harbin international can exhibit a sports center (ave of red flag of borough of Harbin city sweet lane 301) [ginseng extend range] alert of equipment of check of detect of command system of communication of fire monitor and equipment of individual of firemen of fire control equipment, fire pump, fire engine, fire branch and accessory, accessory, fire control, fire control, fire control equips, ; Fire control suction hose and road accessory, accessory, fireplug mixes feed pipe of drum of fire hose of equipment of fire control water supply, fire control and accessory, fire control joint of fire control water pump implement, other (clean, air is basked in, colligation, repair wait for) ; Fire is explored call the police to control systematic product fire detector and other to call the police with fire control linkage fire alarm of equipment of controller of linkage of device of exploration warning apparatus of controller of trigger device, fire alarm and accessory equipment, fire, alarm of fire, fire control and linkage control, city implement power source of monitoring network system, fire control; System of water supply of fire control of extinguishing system product is extinguishing system of automatic sprinkler system, gas, bubble extinguishing system, detailed water mist is extinguishing system, powder extinguishing system, fire monitor extinguishing system, angry sol extinguishing system; Fire retardant coating of fire prevention product, fire prevention seals heat insolation of material of a material, fire prevention space, fire prevention component of insulation material, fire prevention is fireproof (flame retardant) box of electrical wiring, cable, chamfer prevents smoke evacuation facility product of other fire prevention () of electric, thunder, electrostatic, scintilla; Flame retardant flame retardant and product fire retardant and auxiliary, plastic and balata, flame retardant fiber and fabric, flame retardant lumber and goods, other is flame retardant material and goods; Extinguishing chemical water reachs extinguishing chemical of water additive, powder, bubble extinguishing chemical, gas extinguishing chemical; Fire extinguisher is portable fire extinguisher of fire extinguisher, go-cart type fire extinguisher, simple and easy type;
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