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How do 2009 Frankfurt prevent product and fire control equipment to exhibit meet

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How do 2009 Frankfurt prevent product and fire control equipment to exhibit can

Exhibit meeting name: 2009 Frankfurt (enlighten do obeisance to) how to prevent exhibition of product and fire control equipment
Extend meeting time: On January 18, 2009 to on January 20
Exhibit meeting site: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to
Exhibit house title: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to international exhibition center
To consolidate further and extend channel of middle east commerce, how is stimulative China prevented, labor insurance product is right Asia-Europe each country, especially the exit of middle east area, my department will continue to organize domestic relevant company to attend to will come to was in on January 20 on January 18, 2009 A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to hold how to prevent product and exhibition of fire control equipment.
United Arab Emirates is located in inferior, the Europe, boundary that is not 3 continent, it is the country with very strong sex of radiate of a commerce, its radiate face comes middle east, Africa, meridional with Xiyada 30 many countries, enlighten doing obeisance to is A couplet chief of a tribe one of 7 sheikdom, reach key position of world-renowned thing honest trade as banking of middle east area, commerce and mart, enlighten do obeisance to the International Airport that has modernization and commercial port, it is the distribution centre of trade container storage with middle east the largest area, a economic policy is transparent, open, long-term prosperity stability develops its market; The currency is stable, keep changeless almost since found a state with dollar exchange rate; Low custom duty, entrepot trade avoids custom duty; Imports and exports all limitation of nonperformance goods quota; In this the country establishs a plant or the product is led in local treatment amount to 30% , can take this country certificate of country of origin, china already had many enterprises to set factory or agency in A couplet chief of a tribe.
Development of industry of construction of middle east area is rapid, the 19 % that its demand value occupies local GDP (twenty-six billion and seventy-three million dollar) , fire control and the demand that bring product of congruent form a complete set develop along with what build an industry and high speed grows. The government takes seriously defensively to national security and ego highly, energetically how do attention and investment defend a property. Can sponsor an unit according to should be being exhibited beforehand appraise, thalassic country (how does GCC) blame for military use prevent the market that reachs fire extinguishing system, restrain 1.35 billion dollar every year, the governmental unit that is used at thalassic country for the most part among them the strengthening to safe system and development respect. Hospital, hotel, shopping centers, factory and business affairs center to safe system upgrade reach fire control safety strengthen, make demand of this product increases, according to estimation, annual market growing rate is made an appointment with 10% .
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