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How do 2009 Frankfurt prevent product and fire control equipment to exhibit meet

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2008 Frankfurt (enlighten do obeisance to) how to prevent product and success of exhibition of fire control equipment to hold, should exhibit divide in all exhibit an area for 3 old products: Safety is on guard kind of product exhibit monitoring of area, fire control kind the product exhibits an area, alarm with equipment kind the product exhibits an area. Current exhibition net area 31068 square metre, 630 enterprises that come from world each district add up to 1600 international brand attended to be exhibited this meeting, professional audience number achieved 16341 person-time, basically come from United Arab Emirates and other bay country, Iran, Russia, India and middle east and African country. The Frankfurt 2009 (middle east) how preventing product and exhibition of fire control equipment is me the company is abroad how to prevent exhibit one of priority discipline of the meeting, hope expensive odd potential energy takes seriously highly, outstanding business personnel carries detail the product ginseng that new and high technology, high additional cost, quality actors or actress is exhibited.
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