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Technology of fire control of international of 2009 China Beijing and equipment

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TO: Contact: Technology of fire control of international of Beijing of China of Yang Sen 13661207190 2009 and equipment exhibition time: In March 2009 5- - 7 days of places: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing • whole nation sponsors / support: Security of society of capital of management board of public security of the Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China administers security of society of council office capital integratedly to administer seminar Beijing safe production integratedly to supervise lash-up of management board Beijing to do bureau of fire control of Beijing of Beijing public security bureau to undertake unit: 4 stars of Beijing exhibit the corresponding period of of service limited company to hold: Fire control technology and lash-up help program of aid seminar activity: Report for duty cloth exhibits: In March 2009 3---4 days of opening time: Showed time 9:30 on March 5, 2009 morning: In March 2009 5---7 days remove extend time: Exhibited meeting site 4:30 on March 7, 2009 afternoon: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing • whole nation (new house) ginseng extend range: 1. Robot of command car of of all kinds fire engine and fireboat, fire control, fire pump, put out a fire, fire accuses automatically to measure call the police equipment, burn gas / acousto-optic equipment of warning apparatus, automatic sprinkler system and component, put out a fire; 2. Safety of material of glow of equipment of lamp of system of broadcasting of communication of lash-up of equipment of security of electrician of fire prevention of all sorts of fire control equipment, explosion proof, fire control, lash-up, lash-up, lighting, harbour, fire control indicates; Fire control is automatic equipment of equipment of water supply equipment and equipment of baric water supply, take precautions against natural calamities providing disaster relief, defend smoke evacuation system; Equipment of fire control linkage, gas is device of calamity of equipment of automatic put out a fire, fire prevention, sensitive / feeling is lukewarm / feeling smoke / can light box of aeriform detector, various fire extinguisher, fire control to wait; 3. Equipment of rescuing equipment, of all kinds rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief, broken dismantle equipment, of all kinds fire control urgent and scattered, rescue, come to help, lifesaving tool and equipment, take refugee flee for one's life equipment; Respirator, delay falls implement, defend face guard mask, 110 call the police system, 119 call the police system, computer calls the police system of security personnel of fire control of system of center, public broadcasting, urgent relieve a sick or injured person and product of equipment of rush to deal with an emergency, building; 4. Of all kinds avoid Lei Fang is thunder equipment, antistatic product, defend it is system, dangerous to diagnose take precautions against natural calamities of electric equipment of system of instrument equipment, critical news report, intelligence taste the carry that pack to be defeated; 5. Window of door of fire prevention material, fire prevention, fire prevention coils glass of shade, fire prevention, fire retardant coating and (fill) material of ram of fire of flame retardant and agent, fireproof material, block, fire retardant and flame retardant material, flame retardant heat-resisting electrical wiring / cable, fire prevention builds adornment material; Ginseng exhibit expense: ⑴ international standard exhibits a stage (9 ㎡) domestic company 9000 yuan / , 2400/ of foreign enterprise ﹩ , double mouth exhibits add receive 10 ﹪ (contain Chinese and English lintel board, 3 boarding, one piece negotiates two desk, chairs, two shoot security personnel of cleanness of electrical outlet of power source of a the lamp, 220V/10A, carpet, assembly room, assembly room to wait) ⑵ is indoor solely: ¥ 20 yuan / ㎡) ground of the ⑶ light outdoor (hire since 27 ㎡) 750 yuan / ㎡ of ㎡, 200/ of foreign capital ﹩ (pay construction administration fee oneself: ¥ 20 yuan / ㎡) ⑷ seminar: Domestic company 10000 yuan / 45 minutes, 2000/45 of foreign capital ﹩ minute charge of format of price-list of ⑸ proceedings of a conferences (yuan) format charge (yuan) 10000 of inside front cover of 5000 of the page inside color of 10000 of back cover of 10000 of cover 12000 title page is black and white inside other of ⑹ of 1000 of introduction of character of 8000 of page 2000 inside back cover publicizes project price-list entrance ticket 10000 yuan / 20 thousand pieces of a basket of flowers 2000 yuan / : ⑴ ginseng exhibits an enterprise to fill in application form (contract) build official seal, mail or fax to the organizing committee. ⑵ ginseng exhibits an enterprise to be joined at paying inside a week exhibit cost 50 ﹪ subscription, more than paid before Feburary 1, 2009, reach fax of proof of telegraphic transfer money organizing committee, otherwise the organizing committee does not grant to withhold exhibit formerly, hand in subscription not to grant to return formerly. ⑶ organizing committee is offerred " ginseng exhibit a guideline " assistance is joined exhibit an unit to had done work of the preparation before exhibiting. Exhibit meeting conduct propaganda: All-around propagandist offensive, gather together industry target audience group promotion plan: ⑴ passes global each professional media, orgnaization undertakes promotion attends exhibition ⑶ to pass propagandist popularizing ⑵ to form a delegation through concerning chamber of commerce each written invite domestic and international society the manufacturer home ⑷ of communal and safe product undertakes through exhibition of domestic and international famous major ⑸ organizes an expert to undertake lecture of special subject technology popularizing, pass a government each: The controller of purchase department of concerned executive authority such as Wu of ⑴ public security, armed police, traffic, fire control, custom, duty, frontier defence is ⑵ finance, education, safe, nicotian, the institution such as the hospital purchases chief ⑶ bazaar, hotel, public place of entertainment to wait about main controller ⑷ land agent, designing institute, property management, commerce: ⑴ always country and public proclamation of door of the Ministry of Public Security prohibit sale, used material, forbid to join namely exhibit, more forbid privately belt to enter sale in domestic market makes work. Contact means: Address: 4 annulus cloud meets Beijing Haidian area on the west li of Jin Yayuan 12E301 room postcode: 100097 phone: 010-51507635 010-51507492 fax: 010-51507635 contact: Yang Sen 13661207190
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