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Branch of fire control of pleasant Zi state does safety of fire control of eve o

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Eve of Olympic Games closure, branch of fire control of each district of pleasant Zi city is in public security, bring the governmental function section such as inspect assist energetically below, thorough area under administration " two kinds of places " begin platoon of fire hidden trouble actively to check punish, do safety of fire control of eve of closure of good Olympic Games to defend the work with all one's strength.
Paddy city: In have " sweet case lira " the paddy city county that say, basis of fire control policemen detachment " the censorship when the fault " , according to established examination at 21 days of evening plan is opposite unit of emphasis of safety of the fire control inside area under administration had nightly examination. In the examination, fire control policemen town district unit of emphasis of safety of 17 fire control divides two groups: Lineup member right inferior the 8 stresses unit such as company of hotel of the 4 big gas station of Ding Lu along the line, sunshine, court, power undertakes checking, road is opposite tribute of edge of another group of personnel the 7 stresses unit such as hotel of bureau of gas station of either end of a bridge, broadcasting television, Yun Gui undertakes checking, improved work efficiency already so, avoid to be on duty in the unit as far as possible again after personnel rests, undertake checking. In be being checked when the fault, the key checked fire control system of safety responsibility to spend whether to fulfil to, watch member whether on guard v/arc be on the throne, whether to have fire control security equipment of record of go on a tour of inspection, fire control is complete good with etc.
Path inspire confidence in sb: 22 days of evening, fire control group falls in the unitary organization of prefectural public security bureau, the examination when the travel when the fire control to public place of entertainment of area under administration is safe is wrong works. In the examination of nearly 3 hours, fire control policemen checked bar of Lhasa bar, top class KTV, brother, classical bar, Huang Chaoshang Wu in all meeting place and other places. Lack, combustible to equipment of partial place fire control and lash-up illume establishment material did not undertake flame retardant the hidden trouble such as processing, fire control policemen is filled on the spot sent " instruct deadline to correct advice note " , ask proprietor of hidden trouble place corrects advice note regulation to undertake be rectifyinged and reform in the round according to deadline. Execute the law jointly with public security in the process, the processing that serious to breaking the law Lhasa bar undertook close down is rectified, this act removed effectively awe to all public place of entertainment.
Gan Zi: In the light of area under administration communal public place of entertainment appears in great quantities, interior decorates engineering construction time limit for a project the phenomenon with thin consciousness of safety of negligence of shorter, operator, law, fire control policemen increased the canal to this kind of field to accuse in work of Olympic Games security. 19 days, what policemen of a large body of supervises an examination in fire control is medium discovery: Hall of the one singing and dancing inside the city zone without construction of do sth without authorization of fire control examine and verify and construction site a disorder, do not have preventive measure of any fire control safety, owner is ambiguous to concept of formalities of fire control examine and verify, with the formalities confuse sth with sth else that other and relevant section deals with, construction place asks decorating personnel also is the unit that does not have aptitude mostly, decorate material to use combustible product in great quantities, to this, examination staff instructs this place controller to halt construction instantly, allotted " instruct deadline to correct advice note " , put forward to rectify and reform an opinion and supervise construction unit to undertake rectifying and reform, cogent eliminate fire hidden danger in budding condition.
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