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2009 China International break out communal incident lash-up to save aid and tec

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TO: Contact: China International of ruthenium?3661207190 2009 breaks out communal incident lash-up to save aid and time of technical equipment exhibition: In March 2009 5- - 7 days of places: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing • whole nation sponsors / support: Security of society of capital of management board of public security of the Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China administers safe production of council office Beijing integratedly to control management board country atmosphere bureau lash-up runs the office
China is maritime the center that rescue
Deliverance of the Ministry of Communication is salvaged bureau
Chinese earthquake lash-up rescues a center
China hospital management learns emergency treatment center to manage branch
Spaceflight information Inc.
Lash-up of Beijing of stimulative center of rescue of close emergency treatment of civil administration ministry does Beijing public security bureau to undertake unit: 4 stars of Beijing exhibit the corresponding period of of service limited company to hold: Break out communal incident and our country of seminar of lash-up safeguard technology to lie at present the tall hair period that breaks out communal incident. And in future inside very long period of time, our country will face the stern test that breaks out communal incident place to bring. The loss that because break out communal incident,causes every year is spectacular. National administration institute is communal administrative teaching grinds the data that Li Junpeng provides an associate professor shows: 2003, because our country produces accident loss 250 billion yuan, all sorts of natural disaster losses 150 billion yuan, traffic accident loss 200 billion yuan, sanitation and contagion break out incident loss 50 billion yuan, add up to amount to 650 billion yuan, be equivalent to about in those days the 6 % of our country GDP. Social alertness is poorer, citizen lack saves oneself, the consciousness of take precautions against natural calamities of relieve a sick or injured person and ability, it is a when exist in management of our country crisis serious problem, as far apart as the developed country. For this, the expert suggests to use a variety of means, undertake to the public crisis management is taught, undertake the grooming of big crisis is carried out answering weighing, publicize relevant law laws and regulations and lash-up extensively beforehand case, prevent especially, avoid danger, save oneself, each other is saved, decrease the knowledge such as calamity, enhance consciousness of responsibility of crisis consciousness of the public, society, rise save oneself, each other saves ability, form the whole people to arouse, precaution is given priority to, the favorable situation that whole society take precautions against natural calamities decreases calamity. The expert still puts forward, also will take seriously henceforth beforehand the team construction of the case and drilling job. Ginseng extend range: One, monitor, early-warning, call the police, precaution equips: Gas monitoring establishment, establishment of extreme misery monitoring, great and dangerous source supervisory system, feeling smoke detector, feeling lukewarm detector, sensitive detector, infra-red exploration instrument, underwater explores an instrument, atmosphere explores an instrument, atmosphere explores an instrument, monitor reach a system with monitoring technology, guard against theft calls the police lead plane and fittings, warning apparatus, guard against theft calls the police system and software, acousto-optic warning apparatus, other fire alarm implement, defend thunder product, call the police control equipment, public broadcasting system, call the police pushbutton etc trigger device, other calls the police equipment, standard of maritime satellite C calls the police system, pulsatile alarm is controlled dish, gas is monitored call the police appearance, cableway security apparatus, apparatus of security of boiler pressure vessel, apparatus of pressure cop security, mine flees for his life establishment, mine saves oneself equipment. 2, rescuing tool and appliance: Clamp of hydraulic pressure dilate, hydraulic pressure is cut, plasma cut machine, the hand is moved open the door implement, heat is become belong to cut machine like life, without achieve flaw detection instrument, sonar explores an instrument, the space explores an instrument, aeriform cutter, poisonous equipment of check water, check, dust poison testing instrument, radiation and microwave testing instrument, electrostatic testing instrument, examine the instrument reachs all sorts of drug, intelligence changes check-up of multipurpose only without a break to measure discuss, detect canal, sample reachs volatile gas instrument, series is measured explode detector, broken tear open a tool, lifting appliance, delay falls implement, respirator, pulse squirt, fire control crow, fire control hammer, axe of fire control waist, fire control hook, prevent Bao Tongchui, salvage a tool, search for in sky, accident of inspection of security of search of salvage, ground, airport, dangerous chemical comes to help, fundamental information network and accident of important information system deal with wait for relevant technology and equipment. 3, come to help auxiliary tool and equipment: Save angry mat, wash disappear things, smoking machine, controlling smoke evacuation machine, lifesaving safety rope, luminous and oriented rope, 15 meters pull ladder, rope ladder of 30 meters of lifesaving, hydraulic pressure opens the door implement reach the gardener that do not have fire to provide, net posture tent, limelight, field lighting equipment, establishment of protection getting an electric shock, tall air defence falls equipment, elevator security guard. 4, individual defend rescuing equipment: Defend product of electromagnetic wave radiate, respirator, filter type defends take reach filter type respirator, close fling drenchs / the device that wash an eye, boots is covered, guaze mask, earplug, ear-muff, safety belt, billy, labor and exercise protect things, the head defends, the eye is facial protective equipment, all sorts of defending take, professional dress, working outfit, working shoe, labor insurance raincoat, brothers ministry defends, prevent fall things, protect skin things, rinse the things that protect skin, sunstroke prevention drops in temperature material, fieldwork defends, heat insolation is taken, avoid fire is taken, light-duty prevent change take, heavy-duty prevent change take, new material of polyethylene of fiber of dimension of track of polycarbonate, triumphant husband, organic balmy polyamide, extra high strength and other all sorts of fabrics and complementary makings. 5, rescuing medical apparatus and instruments: Portable pay a home visit is special emergency treatment box, box of comprehensive emergency treatment, emergency treatment carries bursa on the back, diagnosis and treatment carries bursa on the back, qing Dynasty achieves back bursa, miniature is medical aerobic bottle, portable respirator, lung ventilator of pneumatic emergency treatment, without achieve lung ventilator, heart lungs resuscitator, portable cardiogram appearance, guide completely couplet cardiogram machine, portable B exceeds machine, hold or the foot steps attract implement, dynamoelectric attract implement, portable multi-parameter guards appearance, heart report is divided quiver appearance of custody having fight, fracture negative pressure secures plant, operation appliance box, bed of field diagnosis and treatment, infusion wearing, bed of lung ventilator, anaesthetic machine, operation, hemal be identical implement, bag of pectoral division appliance, attract implement wait for equipment of a batch of operations and equipment, litter of type of fold, shovel, car type, box of respiratory system emergency treatment, box of circulatory system emergency treatment, box of traumatic and surgical emergency treatment. 6, rescuing medicines and chemical reagents: Fight microbial drug, fight infection drug, the analgesia that solve heat and fight phlogistic demulcent drug, narcotic, vitamin and mineral lack disease use drug, hormone and adjust endocrine function medicine, nerve spirit system uses drug, respiratory system uses drug, digestive, cardiovascular drug, medicine of biology, biochemistry, circulatory system uses drug, urology uses drug, haemal system uses drug, fight abnormal reaction drug, alexipharmic, adjust water, electrolyte and medicine of soda acid balance, surgical, dermatological department uses drug, ophthalmology uses the emergency treatment drug such as medicine. 7, rescuing communication equipment: Geographical information system, system of emergency treatment information, digital recording system, system of UPS lash-up power source, system of location of GPS car satellite, CED screen shows a system, big screen is umbriferous system, video supervisory system, group pattern cries for help implement, maritime satellite phone, inferior astral phone, interphone, VHF radiophone, VHF number is alternative call machine, MF and HF number are alternative call machine, radio telex machine, the voyage that can print directly warns telex receiver, radio points to mark, radar answering back device, portable VHF phone, but the global satellite with conterminous machine of as alternative as VHF, MF and HF number call locates system, system of radio news report, system of digital switching equipment. 8, come to help carriage tool: Remedial car, negative pressure ambulance, wholesome epidemic prevention is special car, car of epidemic prevention cold chain, fire control car, alarm with car, civilian prevent nuclear chemistry accident to deal with special vehicle, highway traffic accident tightens car of urgent rescuing equipment to be able to be used at the car of emergency treatment with etc, motor, sledge, lifeboat, helicopter. 9, come to help groom equipment: Medical wall map, software, CD, education model, instrument of physiology pharmacodynamics experiment, lab equipment, rehabilitation motion checks an instrument, psychological lab instrument. Mobile schedule: Report for duty cloth exhibits: In March 2009 3---4 days of opening time: Showed time 9:30 on March 5, 2009 morning: In March 2009 5---7 days remove extend time: Exhibited meeting site 4:30 on March 7, 2009 afternoon: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing • whole nation (new house) ginseng exhibit expense: ⑴ international standard exhibits a stage (9 ㎡) domestic company 9000 yuan / , 2400/ of foreign enterprise ﹩ , double mouth exhibits add receive 10 ﹪ (contain Chinese and English lintel board, 3 boarding, one piece negotiates two desk, chairs, two shoot security personnel of cleanness of electrical outlet of power source of a the lamp, 220V/10A, carpet, assembly room, assembly room to wait) ⑵ is indoor solely: ¥ 20 yuan / ㎡) ground of the ⑶ light outdoor (hire since 27 ㎡) 750 yuan / ㎡ of ㎡, 200/ of foreign capital ﹩ (pay construction administration fee oneself: ¥ 20 yuan / ㎡) ⑷ seminar: Domestic company 10000 yuan / 45 minutes, 2000/45 of foreign capital ﹩ minute charge of format of price-list of ⑸ proceedings of a conferences (yuan) format charge (yuan) 10000 of inside front cover of 5000 of the page inside color of 10000 of back cover of 10000 of cover 12000 title page is black and white inside other of ⑹ of 1000 of introduction of character of 8000 of page 2000 inside back cover publicizes project price-list entrance ticket 10000 yuan / 20 thousand pieces of a basket of flowers 2000 yuan / : ⑴ ginseng exhibits an enterprise to fill in application form (contract) build official seal, mail or fax to the organizing committee. ⑵ ginseng exhibits an enterprise to be joined at paying inside a week exhibit cost 50 ﹪ subscription, more than paid before Feburary 1, 2009, reach fax of proof of telegraphic transfer money organizing committee, otherwise the organizing committee does not grant to withhold exhibit formerly, hand in subscription not to grant to return formerly. ⑶ organizing committee is offerred " ginseng exhibit a guideline " assistance is joined exhibit an unit to had done work of the preparation before exhibiting. Exhibit meeting conduct propaganda: All-around propagandist offensive, gather together industry target audience group promotion plan: ⑴ is passed global each professional media, orgnaization undertakes promotion attends exhibition ⑶ to pass propagandist popularizing ⑵ to form a delegation through concerning chamber of commerce each written invite domestic and international society the manufacturer home ⑷ of communal and safe product undertakes through exhibition of domestic and international famous major ⑸ organizes an expert to undertake lecture of special subject technology popularizing, pass a government each, undertake on professional website ⑺ passes diplomatic mission of business affairs is in Beijing to travel to abroad popularizing current exhibit meeting information, invite the personage inside foreign course of study to come Beijing communication, negotiate. Professional audience: The controller of purchase department of concerned executive authority such as Wu of ⑴ public security, armed police, traffic, fire control, custom, duty, frontier defence is ⑵ finance, education, safe, nicotian, the institution such as the hospital purchases chief ⑶ bazaar, hotel, public place of entertainment to wait about main controller ⑷ land agent, designing institute, property management, commerce: ⑴ always country and public proclamation of door of the Ministry of Public Security prohibit sale, used material, forbid to join namely exhibit, more forbid privately belt to enter sale in domestic market makes work. ⑵ always needs to hold technical delibrate, new product popularizes the unit of the meeting, wait for qualifications and record of service of person of brief introduction of seminar content, new product, give a lecture concerned data to be before the meeting please organizing committee of a monthly magazine. Contact means: Address: 4 annulus cloud meets Beijing Haidian area on the west li of Jin Yayuan 12E301 room postcode: 100097 phone: 010-51507635 010-51507492 fax: 010-51507635 contact: Yang Sen 13661207190 network address:
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