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Countermeasure of main fire prevention introduces the garage

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Garage countermeasure of main fire prevention

(one) fulfil fire prevention system of safety responsibility seriously. Want according to " fire service law " the 14th regulation, supervise and urge fulfil enterprise of vehicle maintenance and repair, the fire control that fulfills an unit seriously brings full responsibility, strengthen oneself fire control to control government, clutch make regulations system, clear, refine and normative and specific responsibility, build and perfect fire control system of safety responsibility to spend, fulfil fire control system of safety responsibility and system of job responsibility of post fire prevention strictly, work fire control safety in the management that brings into an unit, raise oneself to prevent fire ability.

(2) of all kinds workshop installs appropriate setting to answer not under one, 2 class are fireproof inside the building of grade, strict according to " garage, long garage, jockey standard of plant design fire prevention " the requirement undertakes fire prevention design, construction is checked and accept to complete fire control, withhold necessary fire prevention span, install airway of the door, firewall, window, mechanical platoon according to need wind system and adopt measure of fire prevention space to wait, examine and verify of strict fire control, fire control is checked and accept, close good fountainhead.

(3) configure explosion proof by occupation standard electric equipment, the standard lays indoor electrical wiring, especially armour, second kind article carriage car is repaired workshop and repair the spray paint inside the factory, between storage battery, interior electric equipment waits to all should press national level between acetylene " explosion and design of plant of dangerous environment power are normative " the regulation is carried out. According to establishment of the equipment of put out a fire that the place configures and fire control, fulfil from safety of personnel of course of study knowledge grooms system, specific should consult long garage fire extinguisher deploys quantitative standard configuration, repair a factory to should be built from personnel of course of study groom system, classics exam qualification is rear can hold card mount guard, servantchoose a person for a job otherwise the unit must not be used.

(4) , repair a factory to what workshop setting has worker dormitory, kitchen forcibly change goes. According to " fire service law of People's Republic of China " the 15th the first regulation, inside the building of storehouse of the person that set car occasional, be no good setting employee dormitory. Once branch of public security fire control discovers should instruct forcibly change goes, reduce fire hidden danger. Reject to rectify and reform to existence fire hidden trouble, strict according to " fire service law of People's Republic of China " , " byelaw of Jiangsu province fire control " , " fire control of Jiangsu province country runs way " the regulation is punished strictly.
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