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Jinan city advances fire control actively to supervise execute the law the job

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For eleventh of city of deep derive Jinan ball of the national games kind in build place fire lesson, advance fire control actively to supervise those who execute the law to build construction project to be in is effective supervisory action, ensure building construction project and the fire control of the member that use a worker are safe, come true " restful Olympic Games " target. Recently, detachment of fire control talking about a city builds engineering construction site actively to each deep and begin fire control safety to be checked greatly.
Check this, key of fire control superintendent to the unit formalities of each fire control handles a case, system of safety responsibility of construction site fire control spends fulfil a circumstance, the special type of work such as electric solder operates personnel to manage case of card mount guard, the setting circumstance of fountainhead of fire control equipment, fire control, combustible the use that compresses aeriform container and construction data and custodial circumstance, construction unit is checked oneself to safety of construction site fire control reach record situation, the circumstance such as safety administration undertook life division fire control be examined in detail. Every build engineering construction site to one place, the work shed that fire control superintendent goes to to be built temporarily deep, storehouse, dining room, of the scaffold that uses to construction and safe preserve deposit a dot, the asphalt felt that construction uses, paint, plastic products fire prevention measure that can light combustible article fulfilled a circumstance to have careful examination, to fulfilling the unit of responsibility of fire control safety to supervise and urge construction unit and construction unit were signed " book of responsibility of fire prevention safety " , directive construction unit implements fire prevention measure, fulfil safety strictly to operate regulations, forbidden violate the rules and regulations works. The violate the rules and regulations that in be aimed at an examination, discovers is deposited combustible explode easily amount of article, fire extinguisher material deploys inadequacy, receive in disorder temporarily electrical wiring, violate the rules and regulations instructs construction unit to be rectified and reform instantly with the phenomenon of report, get angry, had sharp criticism and punishment to concerning responsibility person.
In the examination, fire control supervisor publicizes fire control to bring all-knowing knowledge energetically, put forward to make clear a requirement to each construction unit: Chief of requirement construction unit should enhance consciousness of main body of fire control responsibility, fulfil fire prevention system of safety responsibility strictly. Want to install fire prevention catchphrase, provide fire extinguisher material, undertake regular maintenance to equipment of fire control equipment. Want to use the fire, system that use phone strictly, forbidden violate the rules and regulations employs bright fire, illicit to pull chaos to receive electrical wiring, spot of nurse of the person specially assigned for a task when get angry, operation completes should clear in time the spot, prevent to produce ignition. Want to execute rigorous management to all work shed, clear in time the combustible such as the straw mat of construction site, board is tasted, ; of cleared and dangerous source 5 it is to want site of sound program construction, the fire prevention span with enough put apart, strengthen spot management, those who assure fire control passageway is expedite.
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