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Protein adds moisture to see thing is best bubble extinguishing chemical

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Albumen bubble extinguishing chemical
1922, the Zhan Ning Si of American standard Petroleum Company injects animal glue and vitriolic ferrous to petrolic surface, prevent its evaporate to start fire, this is the world go up to use albumen bubble the earliest at fire control.
Later of Germany power Sen Baolu and Si Peima discover, protein adds moisture to see thing is best bubble extinguishing chemical. They separate the protein branch that add water content and vitriolic inferior aqueous solution is placed respectively as two kinds of aqueous solution. When using, mix rise, induction air agitate is epispastic, they add moisture to solve in protein again after vitriolic ferrite is added in content, use as a kind of concentrating agents, developed present albumen bubble. They the chroma of 5% and fresh water, seawater comprises mixed liquor, produce the foam of 8 times, stay steadily in petrolic the surface. The company still is in the Sidama of German hamburger up to now sell juice of this kind of bubble.
1932, company of the Er that hold a tower in the palm builds a plant formally, begin to produce albumen bubble juice.
1937, pull plunge into developed pink of the horn that use hoof, albumin, the protein such as globulin serves as raw material, calcium of the oxidation that use hydrogen decomposes a method, this kind of method is used in England and Germany after 1939.
1944, after British government approbated hoof horn pink to add moisture to solve, add the preparation method of vitriolic ferrous.
1945, british government institute published the research of carat gram and Debisi to report, this report put forward to use the raw material such as horn of the blood of the animal, hoof, wait with calcium of oxidation of caustic soda, hydrogen alkaline or acid, enzymatic the method that decompose, and to determining the method of bubble function made detailed description. This research report is the world go up up to now one of the most important research data about bubble extinguishing chemical. Famous PB report is the technical research achievement of the Germany in World War II, include the research gain of bubble extinguishing chemical among them, afterwar turn over the United States. Up to now the research achievement development that the company returns German Haikesite to report by PB in the sale, call the albumen bubble extinguishing chemical of TUTOGEL.
Arrive from evening of Second World War afterwar initial stage, the centre of gravity that bubble extinguishing chemical studies transfers the United States from Europe. 1946, the United States made the land about albumen bubble extinguishing chemical, navy combine a technology to ask (JAN-C-266) , the United States is stationed in the army of Europe, Asia to ask to purchase albumen bubble juice by this one technology, produce very big effect. For a short while, the bubble extinguishing chemical of the whole world uses same recipe almost.
Arrived the fifties, japan begins to introduce petrifaction plant, grow quickly. Meanwhile, wool of albumen of try out of Japanese concerned researcher, fish meal, fowl as raw material, result discovery, add moisture to see white of the blood after the blood such as ox, horse is dry with caustic soda, in add molysite, the albumen bubble juice that makes also can achieve the technical requirement of JAN-C-266, make the raw material of the bubble fluid of albumen more thereby yuan changed.
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