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The fire control safety during Premier Wen Jiabao inspects city of stone mouth h

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The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 50 Daqing draw near, wen Jiabao of premier of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council goes to peace to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation expressing sympathy and solicitude for at coming seventeen days on August 15, right the divine China of city of stone mouth hill is peaceful coal group is methanol of 250 thousand tons of coal radical and alkene project, medium color (Ningxia) build east group company, newly find a place for of settlement area resident bright and beautiful forest the village undertook making an on-the-spot investigation, during this, officers and soldiers of fire control of stone mouth hill is careful deploy, give full cooperation, finished the fire control safety during Premier Wen Jiabao inspects city of stone mouth hill satisfactorily to guard important task.

One, specific situation, accomplish fire control safety to defend the work stoutly no risk at all

Detachment comes to stone city make an on-the-spot investigation to Premier Wen held urgent meeting, point out should take safety of this fire control seriously to guard the task highly from the thought, during must assuring to make an on-the-spot investigation, do not have happen without heavy, especially big fire, reduce the happening of general conflagration, accident as far as possible. In the meeting, arrive from detachment a group, squadron is layer upon layer signed responsibility form, layer upon layer fulfil responsibility, execute a leader to be in charge of making, stratocracy advocate the official is person of the first responsibility. During fire control safety defends the work, detachment, each group, squadron asks strictly to undertake exact disposition according to the conference, increase execute the law strength, each group adopts system of leader divide up the work and assign a part to each individual or group, send an area more to fire, the member that guide an examination to comprise by great team leader and line of belt of the member that teach undertakes staying at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work, accomplish the direct before leaning, ensure master accurate information, seasonable deploy, in eliminate fire hidden danger for a short while. During defending the work, detachment superintend and director is checked group do not time each district of ground leave for different destinations undertakes superintend is mixed for many times dark visit, undertake be correctived in time to the problem of existence, ensured effectively defend the work fulfil with working quality.

2, clear responsibility, accomplish fire control safety to guard stoutly the job does not leave blind area

During detachment established premier of Home Wen treasure to inspect city of hill of condolatory stone mouth, fire control safety defends the work special operation heads a group, sun Wu border raises captain, Guo group leader of appoint of Jin Zhong politics, wang Dong deputy detachment grows an assistant group leader, departmental door leads detachment and each group great team leader is a member, leader group sets 3 assignments group: Rescuing group of put out a fire, supervisory inspection team, logistics safeguard group. 3 groups part from make perfect deal with beforehand case, begin drilling, try to find out the real intention the platoon examines stress unit, logistics safeguard and civilian war service ensure 3 respects to have club, platoon of summary fire hidden trouble checks punish 100 days " 1 of storm of congress battle, "08, 2, the experience that safety of 3 fire control acts, build firm lukewarm premier to inspect mobile core place stoutly, " of 9 little rooms prevents unit of emphasis of fire control safety and social side " spatial " " of 3 line of defence, advance " energetically " of 5 comprehensive projects, accomplish " stoutly 4 do not produce " , realize " hard 6 ensure " .
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