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Strengthen fire control to publicize educational job to raise groups big to resi

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"Strengthening fire control to publicize education to work is to raise groups big to resist fire harm, education is prevented oneself save oneself the efficient way of ability. This is officers and soldiers of our fire control divides the main routine outside fire fighting not only, also be to because fire sustains belongings and the optimal way that personnel harms,reduce common people. " 25 days morning, the group of group of intense hill fire control that prepares lessons actively inside barracks grew Liu Qing to speak of the importance that popularizes fire control knowledge to the reporter.
Intense is a mountainous area situation is special, have an area but without the city zone, inside the area although have much home colliery and several industry garden, put in fire control passageway however not expedite, build serious lag without establishment of water supply of municipal fire control, public fire protection " awkward " the current situation. "Intense is a mountainous area villages and towns lies more by the side of highway, mouth of widespread presence village sets the roadblock such as a block of stone used as a seat, baluster, once produce fire, fire engine cannot be entered, bungle good chance of put out a fire, consequence is unimaginable. " Liu great team leader tells a reporter, face the current situation, from last year September, division of former fire control of substation of hill of intense of city public security bureau and detachment of fire control of city of north of the Huaihe River 2 squadron are amalgamative establish group of intense hill fire control, began in area under administration early or late " rule of 3 a high tension line, iron " , " punish of census of fire hidden trouble " and " platoon of fire hidden trouble checks punish " activity. At the beginning of this year since, officers and soldiers emphasize elementary school, senior to supermarket of intense hill dishy, Hong Zhuang source (north of the Huaihe River) 13 units such as cooking limited company undertake fire control safety groom, adopt, the means that comes in please is in community of He Hongzhuang of unit of school of area under administration, stress begin fire control extensively to stand the propagandist means such as performance of open, drilling, got favorable result. At present area under administration had had 5000 more than person to accept fire control to safety is publicized and be taught.
"Raise fire prevention consciousness of everybody only, ability nip in the bud. " in interviewing, the member that king of fire control group is taught tells a reporter, the officers and soldiers at the beginning of September will use the method such as picture, case and study equipment operation to undertake fire control groom to dweller of Hong Zhuang community: How to establish consciousness of public fire protection, put an end to the hidden danger of inside and outside that poses fire control accident possibly; How should be the thing beside used to undertake providing disaster relief reaching fleeing for one's life when the individual faces sudden fire mishap; How to use fire control equipment correctly to wait. Pass these grooming, let community dweller enhance idea of fire control legal system and consciousness of fire control safety, master the use method of all sorts of new-style fire extinguisher, rise to be prevented oneself save oneself ability, reduce the happening of fire, reduce the harm of the loss of the belongings in fire and personnel to the greastest extent.
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