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Safety of abstruse meeting fire control guards incomplete of tamp of detachment

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Safety of abstruse meeting fire control guards good to be done further damage the job, detachment of Tai'an city fire control captures partial school to beginning new student military training this one favorable opportunity, supervise school fire control the serious content that as incomplete safety of abstruse meeting fire control defends the work to catch, carry forehead sign, careful arrangement, do school of good area under administration and work of safety of circumjacent fire control seriously, eliminate school fire hidden danger in the round, safety of abstruse meeting fire control guards tamp incomplete working base, build environment of favorable fire control safety for campus.
It is to strengthen safety of campus fire control to check, eliminate fire hidden danger stoutly. Serious organization begins fire control detachment right fire control of school of big, medium, elementary school is safe inside area under administration examination, attach most importance to a dot with the place such as reading room of building of dormitory of each school student, experiment, dining-room, computer room, library, electron, gymnasium, fulfil to fire control system of safety responsibility, the configuration of the fire control equipment such as construction of fire control infrastructure, fire extinguisher material and whether to put have illicit pull chaos to receive the circumstance such as electric circuit to undertake checking, discover in time and eliminate fire hidden danger, ensure school fire control is safe. End at present whole town already checked 62 schools, supervise and urge the school rectifies and reform fire hidden trouble and insecure element 152, the educational education environment that created a safety, comfortable, harmony to broad teachers and students and surroundings.
2 it is the favorable opportunity that uses new student military training, begin fire control safety actively to groom. Fire control detachment makes full use of partial school new student enters school military training this one favorable opportunity, contact actively with the school, combinative fire control is publicized " 5 into " activity, enter school student newly to undertake fire control safety grooms especially to campus teachers and students, explain to public to broad teachers and students common sense of fire control safety, cogent the ability with the capacity that increases teachers and students to discover fire hidden danger, ability of fire of initial stage of rush to save life and property and scattered lash-up, cogent raise campus fire to prevent control capacity.
3 it is active organization begins put out a fire and lash-up scattered " big drilling " activity, cogent raise teachers and students to avoid danger ability. On the base that develops fire control safety to groom in early days, fire control superintendent and the couplet that defend pass the time in a leisurely way is diligent school of service group development, join each officer actual, directive school begins fire control safety to standardize management, help school is made and put out a fire of perfect fire protection is scattered beforehand case, directive school teaching and administrative staff is versed in and broad new student develops put out a fire and scattered drilling activity, cogent the lash-up capacity that increases teachers and students, improved the fire control level of management of the school effectively also at the same time.
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