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Knowledge of take precautions against natural calamities should let citizen much

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Live in a high level equipment flees for his life rope
"The likelihood has some of person to feel to do not have necessary, but I am special,had in the home one flees for my life rope. " yesterday, mr Wang of village of green garden of Wen Hui road " bask in " oneself home hides " baby " .
Mr Wang lives 7 buildings, his flee for one's life the rope has 229 meters long, once produce fire to wait for emergency, do not have a law to escape from stair, flee for one's life the rope can be sent on use. Mr Wang to fleeing for one's life the rope was made a series of improve, for instance every other makes a written guarantee 559 centimeters, there is a grasper when such coming down, avoid a hand to skid fall. Still had glove of a pair of cotton, can protect a hand not by gall.
Mr Yang that lives in alley of carry on one's shoulder of music of west lake area also has one treasure -- " fire control axe " . Axe of this fire control is 45 before, he is bought from inn of equipment of a fire control, these year, he secures a fire control axe to be put in the bedroom all the time.
"Our home installed window of guard against theft, in case produce fire or other emergency, do not have a law to escape from gate mouth, can break a window with fire control axe at this moment and go out. " Mr Yang says, although so old, fire control axe does not have the use on the clique all the time, but he feels namely precautions averts perils.
Knowledge of take precautions against natural calamities is big gain ground
How does public hair unripe fire do?
When producing fire, if igneous situation is uncontrollable already, should multiply as early as possible when aerosol is not big leave quickly. When fleeing for one's life, cover with wet towel shut up is nose, want to use touchdown of genu, ancon, edge of procumbent edge wall is progressive, use flee for one's life mark from scattered passageway evacuate. If there is fire on the body, must not run, on the spot rolls about, pressure destroy the flame that goes up personally.
Light how to do when is energy of life flat?
Divide kind of case: If be a few leak, a powerful person or family of a powerful person before closing a watch quickly, steel bottle actor, cut off gas source. Open door window, nature ventilated. Forbidden, involve any electric equipment, prevent of all kinds kindling to stand by. Dial conduit to light phone of gas rush to repair. If be a large number of leak, leave the scene instantly. Cut off the total power supply outdoor, extinguish all live cinders kept for starting a new fire, to outdoors dial telephone of rush to repair. Discover neighbour home lights gas leak, should knock instantly announcement, do not use the installation of of all kinds electric equipment such as the doorbell, dial telephone of rush to repair quickly.
Does somebody get an electric shock how to do?
Remember " at 4 o'clock " : Cannot pull the person that get an electric shock directly; Carry wire with the insulant such as club of bamboo pole, wood, the person that make get an electric shock breaks away from power source; Applying emergency treatment; Send a hospital as soon as possible, also should continue in road emergency treatment.
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