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Detachment of Jiangsu fire control takes determined step actively, deadline rect

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Good to be done further mid-autumn, fire control safety defends the work during National Day, eve of the Mid-autumn Festival, river group is in pacify of detachment of fire control of city of state of Jiangsu province peaceful to develop the personnel such as bazaar, market, guesthouse, Internet bar continuously concentrated place and combustible explode easily platoon of hidden danger of safety of the place that change danger checks processing special operation while, be aimed at area under administration department of urban and rural union " farmhouse is happy " court type is recreational meal place is arisen actual, the organization is special alarm force, the antenna supervisory examination is outspread to department of urban and rural union, check leakage addendum, do not take dead space, the platoon of safe hidden trouble of place of recreational to type of court of department of urban and rural union meal checks aggrandizement processing.
On September 10, fire control superintendent is in department of urban and rural to be located in union east annulus the bamboo of side wells balanced on the west banqueting hall of dish of home of game house, bright illicit, Haipeng " farmhouse is happy " safety of fire control of recreational meal place supervises court type in the examination, hold to " it is with the person this, safe and consummate " concept, condition of safety of fire control of construction of room of recreational to type of 3 families courtyard meal, scattered directive mark and lash-up illume configure safety of safe exit, scattered passageway, configuration of facilities of fire control equipment reachs in good condition and effective situation, with fire, with the report, safety that use gas administrative case had comprehensive and serious examination.
The safe hidden trouble that violates the discovery in violating compasses behavior and examination in the light of the fire control that 3 places exist, fire control superintendent undertook earnest feedback to relevant responsibility person at once, instruct 3 places to stop fire control to break the law violate compasses act, take determined step actively, deadline rectifies and reform safe hidden trouble, create a safe and auspicious recreational repast place for broad masses.