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How is arson horror encountered to make a surprise attack to do in high-level bu

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(1) is ad cool-headed and sober. Cannot from chaos square, run to bump in disorder in disorder;

(Door lock is felt first before 2) opens the door, if door lock temperature is very high, should close all door windows inside the room, wait with towel, quilt jam a crack between a door and its frame, spill water to drop in temperature. Use the communication tool such as the mobile phone to call the police outwards at the same time;

(3) does not want easily by elevator. Elevator often is caused because of cutting off the power " get stuck " , elevator door is direct building each, the flue gas on the scene of a fire emerges person elevator is formed extremely easily " chimney effect " , meet at any time in elevator fume choke and be choked by smother mephitis;

(4) cannot be gotten in disorder, hide in disorder. The high level never gets a bed in building fire next, blaze or aerosol are avoided inside almirah, these are the most dangerous places, be detected not easily again, obtain hard rescue in time;

(5) uses building interior installation, use common stair, view scene stair to undertake fleeing for one's life; Use the balcony, connect corridor, safe rope to wait undertake fleeing for one's life; the article such as the sheet inside the room or curtain join rises undertake fleeing for one's life;

(6) flees for his life according to broadcast of the scene of a fire: When some floor or some, when place fire situation has spread, cannot act blindly, want to notice to listen to broadcast of fireman of the scene of a fire and rescuing dredge signal, the choice flees for his life suitably course and method.