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Arson horror is encountered to make a surprise attack how to do on the bus

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(1) ad cool-headed and sober. After engine catchs fire, should rapid open door, get off from door, extinguish fire with the fire extinguisher that follow a car;

(2) if catch fire place inter, have order underground car from bicephalous door. In attack when fire, the key protects cab and gasoline tank position;

(3) if blaze is small but sealed door, blindfold with the dress the head, rush down from door;

(4) if door circuitry is burned-out, open not, should window of car of break open nearby turns over get off;

(5) if the dress catchs fire, there's still time is taken off, take off next dresses quickly, with stamp out of crural general fire; Perhaps ask other to assist the clothings that uses massiness to control young plant of put out a fire, if other dress catchs fire when, take off next oneself dresses or other cloth content, the fire that gets on other body covers destroy.