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How does communal public place of entertainment encounter arson horror to make a

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(1) keep one's hair on, discern safe exit direction. Keep sober, do not suffer confused crowd effect, export way certainly, escape quickly;

(2) chooses to flee for one's life neatly way. If hall of singing and dancing is set in floor ground floor, can jump out from the door and window directly; If set upstair when, can capture the window to slip downward;

If be set in high-level building or subterranean building, should consult the high level is built or subterranean architectural fire flees for his life the method flees for his life;

(3) escapes to weak fire area to wait to come to help, if ballroom flees for his life,the passageway is sealed to block up by conflagration and smother, when cannot finding auxiliary lifesaving establishment temporarily again, the personnel that be stranded can escape to igneous situation temporarily weaker interval, to rescuing signal is issued outside the window, await fireman to rescue;

(4) should notice to prevent in flee for one's life toxic. Usable water hits wet dress to cover shut up is nose, if make cannot find water temporarily, usable beverage is replaced; Flee for one's life in the action, should use small gesture to walk, in order to reduce the flue gas harm to human body.