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How is arson horror encountered to make a surprise attack to do on passenger shi

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(1) is ad cool-headed and sober. Run not blindly to bump in disorder with person chaos, save oneself at once or each other is saved flee for one's life;

(2) can be mixed to the forehead of passenger ship, rear outdoor board escapes, can use ladder of lifesaving rope, lifesaving when necessary escape on Xiang Shuizhong or the ship that will come to help, in also can putting on airjacket to jump into water;

? (3) if igneous situation spreads, seal footpath, the door can be closed when having not enough time to escape, do not let flue gas, blaze invade. When the condition is critical, also can plunge in water;

? (4) catchs fire when floor of some of passenger ship forehead, still not spread arrives when engine room, should go to quickly first advocate board, weather deck escapes; Next, reach on Xiang Shuizhong of equipment of lifesaving of have the aid of and the ship that will come to help flee for his life on the bank;

(5) catchs fire when cabin of the some on passenger ship when, conveniently answers to shut port after escaping, spread with fire prevention situation, remind photograph adjacent cabin the passenger inside hastens scattered; The situation that be like fire already change goes when sealing the passageway inside the storehouse, the passenger of photograph adjacent room should be shut lean inside corridor door, flee for his life from the port that leads to or so shipboard;

(6) the ladder of direct open air when the conflagration on the boat block, can reach the summit layer, discharge rope cable, edge rope cable flees for his life downward.