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Fire control is commonly used English 55

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One, receive alarm inquiry
1. hello, here is center of command of XX119 fire control.
Hello, XX 119 Fire Department Command Center. Can I Help You?
2. this is fire department.
Fire Brigade, here.
3. is asked wait a little while.
Please Hold On.
Can excuse me you say 4. Chinese?
Can You Speak Chinese?
Can I help 5. your what?
Can I Help You?
Do you have 6. what is bothered?
What's The Matter?
7. is. What address?
Yes. What ' S The Address?
8. tells me your accurate address please.
Please Tell Me Exactly Where You Are.
Can I know 9. your name?
May I Know Your Name?
10. what is your full name?
Your Name, please?
11. asks a spelling to come out.
Please Spell Your Name.
Or Spell It Please.
12. the telephone call that from where you make?
And Where Are You Ringing From?
Does 13. somebody get hurt?
Is Anyone Injured?
14. thank. We arrive immediately.
Thank You. We ' Ll Be Arriving Very Soon.
15. does not go away in place please, we arrived.
Please Stay Where You Are. We'll Be Present Right Away.
16. excuse me a got-up affair (igneous situation, the condition of an injury, illness) serious?
Is The Situation (fire, injury, illness) Serious?
The number of the person that 17. gets hurt excuse me.
How Many People Are Injured?
How much is 18. death number?
How Much Is The Death Toll?
19. did you get hurt? Whether to need an ambulance?
Are You Injured? Do You Need An Ambulance?
I understand 20. not your word. You whether ask local to help you state?
I Can''t Understand Your Words. Would You Please Ask A Local Person To Indicate The Detail For You?
21. Is am sorry, ask you to tell a bit slower.
Excuse Me, a Little Slower Please.
Or Excuse Me, would You Mind Speaking A Little Slower?
22. Is am sorry, ask your come again.
Sorry, I Beg Your Pardon.
23. is fastened please anxious.
Don''t Be Nervous.
Or Don''t Be Anxious.
Take It Easy.
We had received 24. call the police.
We''ve Received The Report For Police Service.
25. asks you to wait a bit, we arrive very quickly.
Just A Minute, please. We''ll Get To The Scene Very Soon.
26. Is am sorry, the phone is too much, let your kick one's heels.
I Am Sorry For Keeping You Waiting So Long, but The Line Has Been Busy.
27. is awaited a bit please, the police will arrive as soon as possible.
Just A Minute, please. The Local Police Officer Will Hurry To The Scene As Soon As Possible.
28. Is am sorry, very newspaper apology, we do not understand a situation, ask you to seek advice to relevant section. Their phone is XXXXXXX.
We Are Sorry. We Are Not Familiar With The Situation. Would You Mind Consulting A Relevant Branch? The Phone Number Is XXXXXXX.
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