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4 laws mix put out a fire escape fire 6 action

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As enter cold winter, climate is dry, fire entered much hair season, to increase the capacity of put out a fire of masses, police clew: Fire initial stage is time of best put out a fire, fire of initial stage of rush to save life and property, it is to reduce fire loss, those who put an end to personal casualty is important one annulus. So, how be just way of right put out a fire? Measure of commonly used put out a fire has 4: The first, choking law. Adopt proper measure to prevent air to enter combustion area namely, enkindle material is lacked or break off oxygen and go out; The 2nd, control a standard. chemical extinguishing chemical gush enters combustion area, participate in combustion reaction stops blaze type to react and enkindle reaction stops; The 3rd, keep apart a law. Keep apart combustion content with around combustible or scattered leave, thereby enkindle stops. This kind of method is used at rush to save life and property fire of all sorts of solid, liquid, gas; Finally is cooling law. Nod gush water or eject extinguishing chemical to the combustion of the scene of a fire, make the temperature of combustible drops burning point the following, thereby enkindle stops. Generally speaking, the most commonly used when living in put out a fire still is choking law and segregation law.

In the meantime, the personnel that is aimed at fire spot flees for his life with the fire control inside height of time of igneous power volume, on fire, floor and building the relation of establishment, here, police clew: A sea of fire flees for his life, depend on stricken be hit by a natural adversity person save oneself, each other is saved ability and flee for one's life knowledge. Among them, masses wants to succeed in fire hazard escape from a danger, in living at ordinary times, master a few action to flee for one's life save oneself the method is little not.

The first action: Keep cool-headed

After fire happens suddenly, to the person that the body strands the scene of a fire, panic-stricken it is the fatallest weak point. Hold sober head, think calmly, it is to make good flee for one's life save oneself means, what react quickly is crucial. Discover fire, we can use autosuggestion method, deep breathing, slow ground, drab silent reads aloud following expressions a certain number of second, "I feel very relaxed " , " loosening all over " , " need not confused, I can escape " " I feel very good, very calm " , till till insecurity psychology is eliminated.

The 2nd action: Decisive flee for one's life

In igneous situation bigger, when the capacity of rush to save life and property that exceeds oneself, decisive fleeing for one's life is crucial. When escaping, want conveniently to close, can control fire so situation and extend the time that flee for one's life, next, from the direction that carries fire on the back, according to scattered directive mark, leave the scene of a fire quickly from the closest safe passageway. If be,catch fire outside the room, the person that be in personally inside the room, open the door before examining igneous feeling, want foretaste doorknob hand or door plank, if be cool, can open the door small seam, examine judgement after external state of affairs, reelection choose flees for his life plan.
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