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Xiaochang knows daily life fire control

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2, does house home flee for his life how should be the plan done?

1, should be familiar with place to live first of floor each flee for his life course, had made the preparation that withdraws quickly at any time.

2, ferial should with family beforehand once imitate fire happens when, should abide what way flees for his life, and nod to conventional assemble ground.

3, should be familiar with place to live the fire control equipment inside floor reachs his to use a method.

3, should notice in the kitchen those fire control are safe? 1, cooking what is appropriate to the occasion writes short sleeve or convenient long sleeve, avoid fireworks spread clothing and other articles of daily use.

2, when boil cooks food, do not leave arbitrarily, the beard before leaving shuts fireworks.

3, do not let a child enter kitchen amuse oneself.

4, why to plant public do not head for consumption as far as possible?

1, the place that has onefold passageway only.

2, the place that is located in subterranean layer.

3, the room that decorates with tinderbox.

4, the place with fire control unqualified safety.

5, fire prevention area gets destructive place.

5, following it is the main reason that common influence flees for his life, do not head for this public spending.

1, exit lock.