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Drive encounter fire how to do

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When the car is basking in the highway that has crop through air, because the car is eruptive or wheat (paddy) grass tangles on attrition of axis of rotation causes fire, outside removing immediate put out a fire, can keep clear of the combustible on highway one part, segregation of open up fire prevention is taken, spread in order to prevent igneous situation further.

Knock over when the car when producing fire, answer to try to help a person above all. If door does not have attaint, should open door to let escape by car personnel instantly, if door cannot be opened, can smash car pane, guide scattered personnel escape from a danger in time. In the meantime, the driver should organize force to have rush to save life and property decisively calmly, and to " 119 " call the police. Tank truck or ship other can light, when combustible liquid car produces fire, usable sandy soil is surrounded attack lid. Prevent the liquid that takes internal heat to be overflowed everywhere stream, use bubble or rush to save life and property of powder fire extinguisher at the same time. If the ground has effluent fuel combustion, should try to will catch fire car procrastinates from dangerous area, extinguish the blaze above the ground and car next. If igneous situation already spread to whole car, answer to put out gasoline tank to be in the blaze of place above all, prevent gasoline tank explosion.

When driving to enter mountain forest zone and be immersed in fire hot water, can adopt following strategy to take the chance that car personnel survives in order to increase: Do not make car carries grumous aerosol district; Be in car place the area that is far from a large number of plants to grow; Open the headlight of the car, the draw well device that gets on car is shut; Close car window and ventilated facility; Drive the car to low place.