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Fluorine albumen fights YEFK6%3 of dissolve extinguishing chemical

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Release time: On August 8, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On Feburary 4, 2009
Company: Start limited company of drug of fire control of the dragon that change a lock
Legal entity: Pan Deshun
Establish time:
Company property: Inc.
Management mode: Produce / make

Address: Start the journey austral the bumper harvest that turn city 109 [peaceful state city / Jiangsu]
Postcode: 225700
Connect a telephone call: 1380-9017565
Fax: 0523-83234411
Enterprise mailbox:
Network address: Http://
Contact: Wear Bai Hua (gentleman) think more thorough knowledge this enterprise is clicked please enter define

Fluorine albumen fights dissolve bubble extinguishing chemical (YEFK3, YEFK6) (Dai Baihua: 13809017565) this extinguishing chemical is extinguishing chemical of low diploid bubble, apply to generator of all sorts of low diploid bubble. Apply to the water-solubility such as alcohol of production, keep in storage, ester, aether, ketone, organic acid to be able to be lighted, the rush to save life and property of combustible liquid fire and precaution, be like: Storehouse of large chemical plant, brewery, chemical industry, shipping is carried. Use extensively at producing water-solubility of keep in storage, blame water-solubility, can light, the precaution that combustible liquid has fire at the beginning of the place such as storehouse of large chemical plant, airport, brewery, oil field, chemical industry, oil depot, shipping and rush to save life and property, oily to large area kind of fire and solid fire rush to save life and property, extinguishing chemical of bubble of effect excel albumen, fluorine albumen. Mixture ratio: The YESK3 mixture ratio with water is 3: The 97 YESK6 mixture ratio with water is 6: The 94 YEFK3 mixture ratio with water is 3: The 97 YEFK6 mixture ratio with water is 6: 94 flow point: Common model ≤ - 4.5 ℃ cold-resistant ≤ - ℃ of 12.5 ℃ ~-25 packs, carry reach reserve requirement: A. The product is packed install metal pail or model bucket B for 100kg, 125kg, 150kg, 200kg. The product is being carried, the C of bubble extinguishing chemical that interfuse other chemical and other category do not get during keep in storage. The product should be deposited inside shady and cool, dry storeroom, prevent insolate, the environmental temperature YESK3/6 of keep in storage for 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ , YEFK3/6 for - 40 ℃ of 5 ℃ ~ D. The product is in afore-mentioned environments period of keep in storage is 2 years of E. Our company can be made up for you cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure seawater reach low viscosity product
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