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Grow tubal respirator, hermetically sealed fire control is prevented change take

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Release time: On September 2, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On March 1, 2009
Company: Fire control of stage city Jiang Hai lifesaving is set east fully limited company
Legal entity: Jiang Hai
Establish time:
Company property: Finite liability company
Management mode: Produce / make

Address: Jiangsu east city of salt of stage city 119 [/ Jiangsu]
Connect a telephone call: 0515-85189119
Fax: -
Enterprise mailbox:
Network address: Http://
Contact: He Lunxiang (gentleman) think more thorough knowledge this enterprise is asked click enter define

Company main product has: Pressing type air respirator, fire control heat insolation is taken, respirator of double bottle air, 9 L respirator, dynamoelectric send wind long canal respirator, grow tubal respirator, hermetically sealed fire control is prevented change take, disappear air defence enrages respirator, fill pump, marine air respirator, firemen put out a fire defends take, fire control battle is taken, fire control direct is taken, fire control hermetically sealed is prevented change take, simple and easy prevent change take, fire control heat insolation is taken, insulation of fire control report is taken, put out a fire of fire control glove, fire control helmet, firemen defends delay of lifesaving of high rubber overshoes of boots, fire control, headroom falls implement, , segregator of bunker oil water, device of smeary water treatment, lifesaving lamps and lanterns, platform cage, urgent flee for one's life ventilator, safe graph deposits a canister, fire control avoids fire is taken, float annulus, float alls alone, carry explosion proof lamp, line glue fire hose, fire extinguisher, fire control box, storage battery box, fireproof lifesaving rope, dragon of vitreous molten steel takes case, prevent bee to take, phreatic water respirator, grow tubal respirator, hermetically sealed fire control is prevented change take, fire control axe, PQ8.C portable fit of air bubble gun, firemen equips, fire control is prevented change take, respirator reserves steel bottle, urgent flee for one's life respirator, heat insulation soggy heat preservation is taken (immersion suit) , airjacket, buoy, pilot rope ladder is ascended by ladder, marine hold gules blaze signal, signal of marine and gules parachute, the buoy is used from bright float lamp and orange smoke signal, the buoy uses orange smoke signal, marine orange smoke signal, marine lifesaving throws a rope implement, marine the equipment that throw a rope, lifesaving grain ration, fresh water, help crude drug case, marine gong of mist bell date, sea anchor of lifeboat a powerful person, signal lens, lifesaving a powerful person is worn, international tells bank contact, multi-purpose squirt. Dynamoelectric send wind long canal respirator (single person) phone: 86-0515-85189119 fax: 86-0515-85753049 mobile phone: 0086- 13485233881 contact: He Lunxiang network address: Http://
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