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Wet call the police a powerful person

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Release time: On September 3, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On October 3, 2008
Company: The business outside province of limited company of equipment of Guangdong restful fire control
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Address: Garden of industry of Nanhai Ou Pingzhou [Fosan city / Guangdong]
Postcode: 528251
Connect a telephone call: 0757-88758085
Fax: 0757-88758081
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Network address: Http://
Contact: Expend Chun Lin (gentleman) think more thorough knowledge this enterprise is clicked please enter define

Wet call the police we supply a powerful person wet call the police a powerful person is wet call the police a powerful person is wet component of a of automatic sprinkler system important composition, main by wet a powerful person, defer implement reach the composition such as hydraulic alarm bell. In automatic extinguishing system, wet and automatic sprinkler system is a kind of system with the most comprehensive application. Wet call the police a powerful person applies to environmental temperature to be 4~70 ℃ , and the structure that can use water cut out an engine or build thing inside. Be like: Workshop, storehouse, guesthouse, bazaar, public place of entertainment, hospital, cinema, office building reachs the similar place such as the garage. The system is main specifications and parameter model: ZSFZ-100 nominal diameter (Mm) : 100 sealed experiments (MPa) : 2.4 nominal working pressure (MPa) : 1.2 call the police discharge Q (L/min) : 15 defer call the police time (S) : 5-90 alarm bell starts pressure (MPa) : 0.035 frictional resistance of ≤ (MPa) : <0.02