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Fire hose, squirt, respirator, fire control is taken

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Release time: On September 12, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On October 12, 2008
Company: Fire control of stage city Jiang Hai lifesaving is set east fully limited company
Legal entity: Niu Jing river
Establish time: 19800
Company property: Inc.
Management mode: Produce / make

Address: Stage city new market presses down people east east road 139 [saline city / Jiangsu]
Postcode: 224234
Connect a telephone call: 0515-85751653
Fax: 0515-85755185
Enterprise mailbox:
Network address: Http://
Contact: Yang Guogong (young lady) think more thorough knowledge this enterprise is asked click enter define

East limited company of equipment of fire control of lifesaving of sea of stage city river is founded 1980, it is one of manufacturers that home is engaged in shipping lifesaving and fire control product the earliest, enterprise and place found " Jiang Bo " brand label is had in ship line of business very tall famous degree, company name and registered trade mark often by sham. Shipowner to notice with each user please. The company basically produces " Jiang Bo " card set lifesaving and fire control product: Pressing type air respirator, firemen equipment of equipment, safe equipment, protection, simple and easy prevent change take, whole sealing is prevented change take, immersion suit (soggy heat preservation is taken) , pressure of thermal protective aid, dead water is released implement (on annulus card) , air bubble, gas bilges life raft glass reinforced plastics deposits a canister, and phreatic water is taken and phreatic water apparel. Company product all is approbated via CCS type, among them soggy heat preservation is taken, air respirator is approbated via GL, obtain EC letter.