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Disappear air defence enrages respirator, fire control is prevented change take

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Release time: On September 5, 2008
Period of efficacy comes: On October 5, 2008
Company: Fire control of stage city Jiang Hai lifesaving is set east fully limited company
Legal entity: Niu Jing river
Establish time: 19800
Company property: Inc.
Management mode: Produce / make

Address: Stage city new market presses down people east east road 139 [saline city / Jiangsu]
Postcode: 224234
Connect a telephone call: 0515-85751653
Fax: 0515-85755185
Enterprise mailbox:
Network address: Http://
Contact: Yang Guogong (young lady) think more thorough knowledge this enterprise is asked click enter define

RHZK series is pressing respirator of air of type fire control is respirator of air of a kind of self-sufficient and open mode, apply extensively at the branch such as fire control, chemical industry, shipping, oil, smelt, storehouse, lab, factories and mines, for fireman, rush to deal with an emergency staff of personnel providing disaster relief, work of factories and mines is in smother, steam, anoxic breathing protection is provided in waiting for all sorts of harsh environments, not inspiratory and toxic gas, have relieve a sick or injured person of put out a fire, rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief and labor movement job effectively thereby. Quality of equipment of fire control of state of this product classics is supervised examine the center detects eligible, accord with GA124 " pressing respirator of air of type fire control " requirement. Marine the type of ship's classification society of respirator classics China is approbated and examine. Heat insolation of DTXF-93-1 fire control takes   to use fiber fabric and the composite material with plating filmy aluminium to make, dress includes to jacket, trousers, glove, head is overspread and build a base, do not contain asbestos, have double light, intensity is tall, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, heatproof radiation, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure fold and wait for an advantage without harm to human body, effectively safeguard fireman and staff of high temperature work not by intense blaze, high temperature burnable. Quality of effectively equipment of safeguard fire department is supervised examine the center detects eligible, accord with GA88 " fire control heat insolation serves performance demand and experiment means " requirement. Marine defend take classics China ship's classification society to examine. Personnel of personnel of firemen, rush to deal with an emergency, job of special type job enters dangerous sex of the dress when chemical and the place that corrode material have put out a fire, rush to deal with an emergency, operation defend dress. Main performance data: 1, acid alkali resistant permeate function: 80%H2SO4, 60%HNO3, 30%HCL, 6.1mol/L NaOH. 2, flame retardation: 2S of afterflame time ≤ , flame retardant time ≤ 10S, 10cm of damaged length ≤ , drip without dissolve. 3, weight: Heat insolation of ≤ 5Kg fire control is taken (defend take)
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